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Is 4 days enough to study for an exam?


I need to know how a student study to prepare for exam in 4 days before.Can I take past papers or any other study material for fast exam preparation?

Typically speaking, students should begin their exam preparation at least one month prior to the final exams. This gives enough time to thoroughly learn the syllabus, make notes, solve past papers, and take mock examinations. However, if you only have 4 days to study for an exam, then you must put in a ton of effort. Get a hold of the complete previous five-year solved past papers, book notes, and online lectures. This will help you effectively learn the syllabus in a short amount of time. Focus on understanding the solved past papers, as this will show you the proper techniques for attempting questions. Hopefully this will help you study for final exams within 4 days, but remember it should not be a habit. Always give yourself plenty of time for exam preparation!

Mohammad umer ikram:
no should prepare your self for exam on daily bases. An other way you should not to preparing on daily bases then you prepare a just 5 year's past paper of standard and subject and its enough for you to pass your subject /standard.


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