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Homeopathy gaining ground among masses

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Homeopathy gaining ground among masses
« on: January 06, 2011, 12:41:13 PM »
Homeopathy gaining ground among masses
At present more than 1,100,000 homeopathic doctors are treating about 1.5 billion people worldwide. Homeopathic medicines are widely prescribed by physicians in U.S., Europe and Asia.

It has also been observed that sales of homeopathic medicines are witnessing an increase of 20 to 35 per cent each year. Doctors, scientists, researchers, corporations and the general public all have been contributing to accelerated expansion in the homeopathic products.
Public is now involved in boasting the benefits of homeopathy by demanding better treatment from all physicians. Homeopathy is fast becoming popular in the world.

These achievements by homeopathy were undoubtedly due to the harmful nature of allopathic remedies compared to the non-toxic nature of homeopathic remedies. Chemical drugs are dangerous as for example medicines used for treating a cancerous tumor certainly disturb other systems of the body. Similar is the case for allopathic medicines for other ailments.

Homeopathy, however, works equally well both for viruses and bacterial infections. It has proved its effectiveness in times of epidemics. For example, during the 1830’s cholera epidemics in Europe homeopathic doctors had 80 per cent recovery rate of their patients. Whereas conventional doctors achieved only 50% recovery rate.

Homeopathy treats the whole person and not just the part and herein lies its success. Mind and body influence each other and imbalance in one system causes imbalance in the other. Many a time allopathic doctors fail to either diagnose the disease or they diagnose it wrongly. In both the cases the patient continued to suffer. One of such patients, Syed Hussnain, once told me his story in the following words:

“My digestion is very weak with no appetite. I also suffer from blurred vision, illusion and delusion. I have fear of the unknown, anxiety and aversion to work. I do not sleep at night and have pains, aches and frequent urination at night. I cannot apprehend things and have forgetful memory. All these complaints aggravate after lying down on the bed. My health condition has put me in a very embarrassing position. Only slow walking gives me relief. I visited an international standard hospital in the immediate vicinity of my residence. I have the facility of annual complete medical check up on the expense of my office. There an eye specialist has examined my eyes first. Then I have gone to the cardiac specialist and have had my heart examined. I have also been to the neurologist. I have had my chest examined. I have been physically examined from head to foot, and they wrote in their reports good luck, this gentleman has no disease.”

Syed Hussnain asked if I am not sick, what do all these symptoms mean? My reply was that these symptoms are the language of nature, depicting internal nature of your sickness.

Many a time patients say all my medical test reports are clear but I am sick. Here homeopathy replies, “An individual’s medical diagnosis is not as important as his or her symptoms as everyone experiences illness in his or her own way.” Homeopathy defined good health as the balance of a person’s psychological, mental and emotional aspects.

Most practitioners of allopathic medicine attempt to treat an illness by targeting the affected part of the body. They identify the causative agent of the illness, such as a virus or bacteria and treat it. Conventional doctors usually tend to be more aggressive in the usage of medicine.

Remedy should be chosen that treat the whole person and not just the part. Homeopathy can alleviate almost any health problem. This may seem strange to grasp all the disorder by one remedy, but as you know every single tiny function of our body operates as a WHOLE, all of the time. You cannot treat one thing without affecting the rest.Dr Asghar Ali Shah Homeopathic Physician
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