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Recruitment Policy Balochistan Public Service Commission


Recruitment Policy Balochistan Public Service Commission

According to the existing Recruitment Policy of the Government of Balochistan, the quotas reserved for Merit, Quetta city and six zones of Balochistan i.e. Kalat, Zhob, Nasirabad, Mekran, Quetta and Sibi, in respect of initial recruitment vacancies by rotation, are as under:
      1ST   2ND   3RD
      R O T A T I O N
1.   Merit   1   1   1
2.   Kalat Zone   1   1   1
3.   Zhob Zone   1   1   -
4.   Nasirabad Zone   1   1   -
5.   Mekran Zone   1   1   -
6.   Quetta Zone   1   1   -
7.   Sibi Zone   1   -   -
8.   Quetta City   1   -   -
As far as the initial recruitment is concerned, tests/examinations were held for short listing purposes only and the results/marks obtained by the candidates were not given any weight while making the final selection of the candidates: interviews decided the best suited of the bunch. However, through an evolutionary process, the Commission has come to the conclusion that the written evaluation test determines the real professional capability of the candidates. Consequently, for the initial recruitment of the candidates, evaluation tests have been made mandatory. The marks obtained by candidates in the written evaluation tests are added to the marks obtained by them in the viva voce tests and the combined marks determine the final order of merit of the candidates. This practice has proved extremely useful for selection of deserving candidates as it substantially eliminates the human elements in the selection of the candidates.  In this regard, it is pertinent to state that at no stage of the selection process, the marks obtained by the candidates in the written evaluation tests are known to the Chairman or the Members of the Commission. This obviates the chances of pre-conceived notions by the Chairman and the Members in any manner, thus ensuring perfect impartiality in the conduct of selection process.
To make the system fully transparent, the marks obtained by the candidates in the written evaluation tests, marks allotted by the Chairman and Members in the viva voce tests and finally the overall merit is recorded and signed by the selection panel and the controller examination. As far as possible, the results are announced immediately after the conclusion of the recruitment process.


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