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Functions Balochistan Public Service Commission


Functions Balochistan Public Service Commission

 The functions of Balochistan Public Service Commission are:

1.       To conduct tests, examinations or interviews for recruitment/initial appointment to:

(a)                The civil posts connected with the affairs of Balochistan province in grades B-16 o B-22, and

(b)                any other posts, which may be referred to the Commission for recruitment by the Government of Balochistan.

Provided that the Commission  may also exercise the functions stated in clause (a) of sub-rule (i) in respects of the posts in grades B-16 and above under  a corporation  or any other autonomous  body  or organization set up by the Government under any law or otherwise , if the Government so directs;

2.       to advise the Government on matters relating to qualification for, and methods of recruitment to the services, and posts and any other matter, which the Government  may refer to the Commission; and

3.       to hold such departmental or language examination as may be prescribed.


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