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For homeopathic students, COVID-19 became an opportunity to serve people


For homeopathic students, COVID-19 became an opportunity to serve people
PESHAWAR:15 August: After reaching out to the COVID-19 patients and offering them homoeopathic medicines and providing food rations to the poor and needy affected by the countrywide lockdown, the volunteers of the Frontier Homeopathic Medical College have now started work on digging wells using water boring machines to make available drinking water to villagers in parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The three initiatives taken by the students and faculty of the college with support from donors after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic made a difference in the lives of the beneficiaries. “COVID-19 became an opportunity to serve the people,” remarked Iqbal Shahin, the indefatigable director the Frontier Homeopathic Medical College. He mobilized his faculty and students in a bid to study the efficacy of homoeopathic medicines, including those purchased from abroad, in preventing and treating COVID-19. “It was a pleasure to see the miraculous cure for homeopathic medicines. We successfully cured more than 80 patients, provided free preventive medicines and gave advice to over 1,000 families,” he added. He and his team held two press conferences and published articles in newspapers to highlight its work and achievements.

The college volunteers then identified more than 300 vulnerable families in 16 villages affected by the lockdown and provided them food rations. This was made possible by donations of Rs2 million. The idea for the provision of rations to the needy came from 22-year old Haider, who is based in Canada and was able to mobilize his relatives and friends to contribute to the noble cause. In Pakistan, the college authorities were able to obtain donations from philanthropists, including some belonging to the army. Canada-based Haider came up with another idea to make available drinking water to needy communities. A donation campaign yielded Rs2 million. Significant contribution was made by Homeo Doctor Naseem Afridi, and his patient Mr Kunwar and also by Mr Tahir based in Canada. After a thorough search, a village, Lora Maina, inhabited by members of the Shinwari tribe, tucked high in the Koh-e-Suleman Mountains, was selected as their 400 feet deep hand drug wells had become dry in summer.

The volunteers worked on two wells, using water boring machines to dig deep, in the village and now plenty of water is available to the grateful villagers. Another well was dug and bored in Achini Bala village in rural Peshawar and it too is now operational. Three more wells are in the planning stage. While the closure of educational institutions caused problems for the owners, teachers, students and parents, the Frontier Homeopathic Medical College, Peshawar Director Iqbal Shah found some positivity in this difficult situation.The news.


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