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Schedule Services Institute of Medical Sciences Lahore

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Schedule Services Institute of Medical Sciences Lahore
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Schedule Services Institute of Medical Sciences Lahore

Entry Test/Admission Packet availability

September 5 – 21, 2005.

Submission of Personal Data Sheets & Admit Cards for Entry Test

September 5 - 21, 2005

Date of Entry Test

October 02, 2005

Declaration of Entry Test Result

October 09, 2005

Merit list as per available seats.

October 12, 2005

Submission of admission applications

October 13 - 29, 2005.

Selection Lists

November 12, 2005.

4. Candidates for Entry Test will submit Admit Cards (both), Personal Data Sheets (both) duly completed by the candidates along with attested copies of their Matric, F.Sc.; in case of qualification other than F.Sc., e quivalence certificate from the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), along with copies of educational documents on the basis of which equivalence certificate has been issued; and domicile certificates alongwith Rs.700/- in cash as Entry Test Fee, at any of the following medical colleges convenient to them by hand and not by post within the due date and time notified in the advertisement. Applications received by post will not be entertained .

King Edward Medical College , Lahore .

Nishter Medical College , Multan .

iii) Rawalpindi Medical College , Rawalpindi .

iv). Punjab Medical College , Faisalabad .

v). Quaid-e-Azam Medical College , Bahawalpur .

It is made clear that the candidates will take the Entry Test at the same centre where the Entry Test papers have been deposited. No change of centre will be allowed under any circumstances.

5. Both the personal data sheets and duplicate admit card will be retained by the admission office, but the original admit card duly stamped will be returned to the applicant. This admit card is a very important document and will have to be produced by the candidate at the time of the Entry Test.

Warning: a) Duplicate admit card will not be issued.

b) No applications for admit card will be accepted after the date notified in the press.

6. The Entry Test will be held according to the notified date, time and place, indicated on the admit card.

7. The result of the Entry Test will be declared and displayed on the notice boards of all the medical and dental colleges of Punjab .

8. Time limit for lodging complaints against Entry Test results :

The candidate having any complaint with regard to his/her Entry Test result, may lodge a complaint within 15 days after the declaration of the Entry Test result. No complaint will be entertained thereafter.

9. The applicants are required to complete their admission applications (Appendix I, II & III- if applicable) with all the required documents so that as soon as the result of the Entry Test is declared, the applications are ready for submission.

10. Submission of admission applications:

The merit list will be prepared based on available seats in open merit and accordingly the eligible /intending candidates will be asked to submit their admission applications on the prescribed form as under by hand . Applications received by post will not be entertained .

a) FOR MBBS in the office of the Chairman, Admission Board Medical Colleges /Principal Executive Officer/Principal , King Edward Medical College, Nila Gumbad, Lahore 54000.

b) FOR BDS in the office of the Chairman Admission Board, Dental Colleges/ Principal, de'Montmorency College of Dentistry, Govt. Nawaz Sharif Hospital, Yakki Gate, Lahore.

11. The candidates will give their preferences for the medical colleges in the admission form, which once given, shall be final and cannot be changed subsequently.

12. No application for admission will be considered unless fully and completely made out on the prescribed admission application form (Appendix I & II) by the candidate in his/her own handwriting.

13. All admission applications must be accompanied with four Photostat copies of the following certificates duly attested by a grade 17 officer or above (the stamp affixed must be official name stamp of the officer

(i). Matriculation certificate/Senior Cambridge Certificate.
(Birth certificate/ registration with NADRA, if date of birth is not mentioned.)

(ii) Copies of detailed marks certificate of F.Sc. and in case of qualification other than F.Sc., e quivalence certificate from the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), along with copies of educational documents on the basis of which equivalence certificate has been issued

(iii) Character certificate of F.Sc. of the college last attended.

(iv) Domicile certificate. Domicile certificate once submitted with the application cannot be changed and shall be considered as final. Any candidate found to have domicile of more than one place will be disqualified for admission in medical colleges.

(v) Four recent photographs (passport size) of the candidate attested on the back.

(vi) Original Affidavit (appendix I) on stamped paper of Rs.20/- duly attested by the Judicial Magistrate.

(vii) Original certificates shall be produced by the candidate at the time of admission.

14. The list of selected candidates will be notified and displayed in the offices of all the Government Medical and Dental Colleges of Punjab respectively.

15. Revision of result or improvement of marks by the Board after the finalization of merit list shall not affect the merit list of admissions of the current year in any way.

16. Any change in the schedule of the Entry Test/ Admission procedure will be notified in the major national daily newspapers

17. A candidate previously admitted in any medical college of the country cannot apply for fresh admission. He/she should apply for re-admission in the college previously admitted.

18. Application for admission along with the documents once received in the college office shall not be returned. If, however, a candidate has submitted original documents with his/her application he/she may withdraw the same after the admission is completed.

19. Selection: The candidates will be selected by the Admission Board comprising of the Principals of all Government Medical Colleges of Punjab . The Principal, King Edward Medical College , Lahore will be the Chairman of the Admission Board and will preside over the interviews and selection meetings. The decisions of Admission Board in respect of selection and admission shall be final.

20. (i) The merit list of candidates will be prepared by the office of the Chairman, Admission Board. The Chairman shall be competent to rectify the errors or omissions found in the merit list /selection list at the time of selection of candidates.

(ii). The Admission Board will make selection from the merit list. The selection of the candidates against the open merit seats shall be made according to merit and allocation of college shall be made after giving due consideration to candidate's preferences. After the selection against the open merit seats, the selection against the reserved seats shall be made on merit in each category.

(iii). Candidates applying for open merit seats and self-finance seats will be considered for selection simultaneously according to their declaration given in the admission application form (Appendix-II)

21. If considered necessary, the Admission Board may call any candidate for interview at his/her own expenses.

22. The Admission Board may refuse admission to any candidate who seems, for reasons to be recorded in each case at the time of interview, to be unsuitable or unlikely to become a good doctor. In case such a candidate is admitted, he can be struck off the rolls of the college, after issuing a notice to him/her to that effect.

23. i) Such candidates whose particulars e.g. marks certificates or any other document submitted with the application form are found to be incorrect or wrong or whose authentication is doubtful will be struck off the college roll, even if they have been admitted. A student can be removed during the course of his/her study at any stage if incorrect or wrong data have been submitted by such a student, which formed the basis of his/her admission.

ii). The Principal also reserves the right to forfeit fees and dues paid by such a candidate.

iii) A candidate making any false statement is liable to any legal action, which the Government may deem fit to take. Similarly, father/guardian making any false statement is also liable to legal action.

iv) Any candidate detected to have submitted forged certificates or fake documents with the application form shall be permanently debarred from admission to any medical/dental college in Punjab .


The following marks shall be added to the F.Sc. marks of the candidates in order to prepare the final merit list:-'

Twenty (20) marks will be added for being a Muslim Hafiz-e-Quran, subject to verification of the same by a committee constituted by the Admission Board.

Note:- According to the aggregate marks of F.Sc. and Entry Test, whenever two or more than two candidates are bracketed, the one senior in age will be given preference to the other for the purpose of admission.

The final merit list will be prepared as under: -

Adjusted marks in F.Sc. / equivalent examination ………..65%

Entry Test marks.......……….....................................……..35%

The candidates shall be examined at the time of admission by a Medical Board to be set up by the Principal of the college in which the candidate shall be admitted. The candidate must be physically and mentally fit according to the criteria for medical fitness/disability laid down by the Admission Board. The candidate must produce certificate to have been:

i). Inoculated against the enteric group of fevers within the preceding 12 months.

ii). Fully vaccinated against Tetanus.

iii). Fully vaccinated against Hepatitis "B" virus.

iv). Foreign students will have to produce a certificate of their HIV status from prescribed laboratories in Pakistan . If during the course of studies any student is found to be positive for HIV infection, he/she shall be repatriated at his/her own cost to his/her country of origin.

X-Ray of any part of the body, or any other investigation if required will be at the candidate's expense.

(a) No student will be considered to have been admitted to any college unless he/she has paid the college fees and other dues.

b). A student, who is admitted to the first year MBBS class of the medical college because of his/her having paid the college fee etc., but continuously absents himself/herself from the beginning of first term of the college session for a period of four weeks without any genuine reason, his/her admission will be cancelled and the seat may be filled by the Chairman Admission Board on the basis of merit as per rules.

(c) If a seat falls vacant, the next candidate on merit in that category will be selected. Admission will be closed after a lapse of a period of 3 months from the start of first year MBBS class. However, if any vacancy occurs as a result of a candidate having been struck off the college roll on account of securing admission by fraudulent means it will be filled in to safeguard the right of the next person on merit list up to the end of the first year class. However, he/she will not be permitted to appear in first year examination till he/she has attended 66 percent lectures and 66 percent of practical classes held.

(d) The students once admitted in any medical college in Punjab against any category of reserved seats will be allowed to continue in the same college in the event of their up-gradation on open merit. Instead the fresh/ new selected candidates against such reserved seats will be given admission in the medical colleges in their places on open merit.

(e) The Admission Board will verify F.Sc. certificate and other certificates submitted by the candidates as early as possible from the concerned Board/University/Authority. The students whose certificates/documents are found incorrect or wrong in any way shall not be considered for admission and if admitted provisionally their admission will be cancelled without any notice.


The Academic year will commence from first of October and end on September 30, each year and will be tentatively divided as follows:-


Autumn Term October 01 to December 24.

Winter Term January 02 to March 31.

Summer Term April 09 to June 15.


Summer Vacation.. As per schedule decided by the College Academic Council.

Winter Recess. December 25 to January 1

Spring Holidays. April 01 to April 08

Hospital teaching continues during summer vacation for the students of Third, Fourth and Final year M.B., B.S. Classes. Students performing hospital duty will be divided in batches. Time tables for various batches will be prepared by the time table committee. If needed, classes may also be continued during the summer vacation.


Programme for lectures, practical classes and hospital training will be notified by the Principal before the commencement of the academic session and during the session if a change is required.


Teaching, training, syllabus, courses, send up examinations etc. are carried out according to the rules and regulations of the University concerned / prospectus of the medical colleges.

The details of the syllabus, courses, outline of tests and statutes relating to M.B.,B.S., University Examinations will be notified to the students of various classes each year by the Principal .



a) (i) Lectures- Anatomy with Embryology, Histology, with due emphasis on functional aspect.
(ii) Practical Classes-Dissection, Histology.

b). (i) Lectures-Physiology,
(ii) Practical Classes-Experimental Physiology.

c) (i) Lectures-Biochemistry.
(ii) Practical classes-Biochemistry.

d). Islamiyat /or Ethics and Pakistan Studies.

Note : The community oriented medical education will also be imparted at King Edward Medical College , Lahore , in addition to the courses and syllabi of the Punjab University .


(a) Lectures and practical classes - Basic Pharmacology and Therapeutics

(b) Lectures and practical classes - Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Demonstrations of medico-legal cases and Medico-legal Postmortems.

(c). Lectures in Dentistry.

(d) Lectures in Psychology.

(e) Lectures and practical classes - General Pathology, Bacteriology and Parasitology.

(f) Lectures-Principles of Surgery.

(g) Lectures-Principles of Medicine.

(h) Bedside; there will be indoor hospital teaching in the following departments:-

(i) Medicine;

(ii) Surgery;

(iii) Paediatrics;

(iv) Orthopaedic Surgery;

(i) A course for training in clinical Methods in Medicine and Surgery.


Lectures and Laboratory work in Special Pathology.

Lectures and Practical/field studies in Community Medicine.

Lectures in applied subjects (Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology)

Lectures in Medicine and allied specialities.

Lectures in Surgery and allied specialities

Lectures in Midwifery and Gynaecology.

Lectures and Demonstrations in Ophthalmology (EYE)

Lectures and Demonstrations in Oto-Rhinolaryngolgy (ENT)

Lectures in Radiology,

Lectures in Tuberculosis and Chest diseases.

Bedside; there will be teaching in the in and out-patients departments in the following subjects in the attached teaching hospitals.

Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics. Also Orthopaedic Surgery, Radiotherapy, Urology, Neurosurgery, Cardiac Surgery, Radiology, Dermatology, Tuberculosis and Chest diseases, Cardiology, Neurology, Paediatric Surgery, where such units exist.

A short practical course in immunization.


Lectures in Medicine and allied specialities.

Lectures in Surgery and allied specialities.

Lectures in Midwifery and Gynaecology.

Lectures and Demonstrations in Ophthalmology.

Lectures and Demonstrations in Oto-Rhinolaryngology.

Lectures in Paediatrics.

Lectures in Anaesthesia, Radiotherapy and Radiology.

Weekly Clinico-Pathological Conference in every subject.

Operative Surgery Practical.

Bedside teaching in all the in and out patients departments of attached teaching hospitals.

Examinations are of two kinds:-

I). Class examinations

II) University examinations

I)- Class Examinations.

a). First year M.B.,B.S . There will be send up examination in the subjects of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry. Failed students will not be allowed to sit in the University Examination if they fail in any of the subject in the send up examination.

(b) Second year M.B.,B.S. There will be send up examination in the subjects of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry. Failed students will not be allowed to sit in the University Examination if they fail in any of the subject in the send up examination.

(c) Third year M.B.,B.S. There will be send up examination. The subjects
will be:-

1. Pharmacology and Therapeutics
2. Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
3. General Pathology
4. Clinical Methods in Surgery
5 . Clinical Methods in Medicine

All subjects will be compulsory for the purpose of examination but only those students will be detained from appearing in the university examination who fail in either of the first two subjects.

(d) Fourth year M.B.,B.S . There will be send up examination in the following subjects:-

1. Special Pathology
2. Community Medicine
3. Medicine
4. Surgery
5. Obstetrics & Gynaecology
6. Eye
7. E.N.T.

The students will be allowed to sit in the University Examination only if they clear at least the first two subjects.

(e) Final year M.B.,B.S . The send up examination will be conducted in the following subjects:-

1. Medicine etc.
2. Surgery etc.
3. Obstetrics & Gynaecology
4. Eye
5. E.N.T.
6. Paediatrics

The students will be allowed to appear in the University Examination only if they pass in all the subjects.

Pass percentage would be 33% in send up examinations.

(a) During the clinical years, the progress of the students will be judged from the remarks of the respective professor on the Clinical Record Cards which are issued during third, fourth and final year. Those students, whose cards show unsatisfactory work during any of their clinical assignments, will be detained from appearing in the final professional examination of the university.

(b) A duplicate record of Clinical Card of each student will be kept in the Office of the concerned professor.

(c). These examinations shall be compulsory for students of all classes. Students who do not appear or fail in the examination will be regarded as students whose courses of instructions are incomplete and unsatisfactory and will not be allowed to appear in the University Professional M.B.B.S. Examination for promotion to the next higher class and may also loose the scholarship, if any, granted to them.

(d) Remanded students will not be detained from the university examination if they have fulfilled the required percentage of attendance and have satisfactory report from the respective professor for their work during the terms, in question.

(e) Certificate of Honour is awarded to the student who obtains 75 percent or more marks in a subject of class examination of the year, provided he/she does not get less than 33 percent marks in other subjects of the same examination.

II) University Examinations

1. The following are the University Examinations:-

First Professional M.B.B.S. Part-I Examination held at the end of first year.

Note. Any student who fails to clear the First Professional M.B.B.S Part-I examination in three chances availed or un-availed after becoming eligible for each examination shall cease to become eligible for further medical education in Pakistan.

First Professional M.B.B.S. Part-II Examination held at the end of second year.

Note. Any student who fails to clear the First Professional M.B.B.S Part-II examination in three chances availed or un-availed after becoming eligible for each examination shall cease to become eligible for further medical education in Pakistan .

Second Professional M.B.B.S. Examination held at the end of third year.

Third Professional M.B.B.S. Examination held at the end of fourth year.

Final Professional M.B.B.S. Examination held at the end of fifth year.

2. Pass marks for professional examinations are 50% separately in theory and practical of each subject. In the clinical subjects of Final Professional, 50% of marks for clinical part separately are essential to pass in practical.

3. (a) In case a student fails to pass the Professional MBBS Examination in the second annual examination his provisional promotion to the next higher class shall stand automatically cancelled and he/she shall revert to the previous class and the lectures and practicals etc. attended during his/her provisional promotion shall also stand cancelled.

(b) If a student appears in the second annual examination for the first time as he/she did not appear in the first annual examination and failed in any subject in the second annual examination, he/she will be detained in the same class and will not be promoted to the next class.

4. The Principal reserves the right to detain any student from appearing in the Professional M.B.B.S. University Examination at any stage, if in his opinion, the student is found to be short of attendance in theory or practical of any subject or his work is reported to be unsatisfactory by any professor, lecturer or if in the opinion of the Principal, the character and conduct of the student is unsatisfactory.

5. According to University regulations, candidates having less than 75% attendance in lectures and practicals/ clinical separately of each subject of a professional examination will not be admitted to that examination.

6. Before appearing in the University Examination the students will be required to produce N o Dues Chit from the contractor of college and hostel tuck shops, college cashier, college librarian and hostel warden and respective basic department. Those students who are unable to produce the same will be liable to be detained by the Principal from appearing in the university professional examination.

T he college students are divided into groups, every group being made up of a proportion of students from each class.
The group tutors will comprise the professors and associate professors of the college.
A student once placed in a group will remain in that, until he/she leaves the college; under no circumstances shifting of a student from one group to another will be permitted.
The tutor in charge of the group will meet the respective group of students according to the schedule drawn by the Principal .
The objective of the tutorial group meetings is to keep the staff and students in touch with one another and to promote mutual good feeling and understanding. Each tutor is to look personally into all difficulties of students in the tutorial group (individually or collectively), which may be referred to him for opinion and advice.
Any grievance which the college students may have with regard to the college life should be brought to the notice of their tutors in the first instance who will enquire into the matter and bring these to the notice of the Principal, if necessary.