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Government College University

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Government College University
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Government College University

Government College University, Lahore
Established:    1858
Type:    Education and Research
Faculty:    352
Students:    5864
Location:    Lahore, Pakistan
Campus:    Urban
Affiliations:    HEC

Government College University, Lahore is a co-educational public university located on The Mall in Lahore, Pakistan. Although the college was granted the status of university by the Pakistan Government in 2002, the word college is still retained in the name for historical reasons and also because of the wide recognition of the name Government College in Pakistan. The University offers bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. degrees in a variety of disciplines. The university currently has more than 6000 students and 323 faculty members. Alumni of Government College are called Ravians after the nearby Ravi River.

Government College, Lahore, 1880s. Oriental and India Office Collection, British Library

Government College University, Lahore as a college, is older than any other college or university in Pakistan. Under the British Raj the college was opened on January 1, 1864 in a portion of the Palace of Raja Dhyan Singh Haveli. The institution was affiliated with the University of Calcutta for examination. Along with the establishment of the college, Gottlieb Wilhelm Leitner (professor of Arabic and Mohammedan Law at King's College in London) was nominated as principal of college. He later was instrumental in the foundation of Punjab University, Lahore in 1882. The first class consisted of 9 students, all of whom matriculated from Calcutta University. In April 1871, the college moved to its present site. In 1996, it received autonomous status; on September 9, 2002, it became a university.


Torch, as the crest of University emblem, symbolizes the light of knowledge that this unique institution has been giving to generations since its founding. The motto "Courage to Know" represents the guiding principle of the student community. It is intended to develop courage among the students to realize their academic potential.