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Why male principal in female college?

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Why male principal in female college?
« on: May 05, 2010, 08:45:36 PM »
Why male principal in female college?

Lahore: After the incumbent male Principal of Fatima Jinnah Medical College (FJMC) will soon retire from service, albeit a nice and competent one in the person of Dr Mohammad Akbar Chaudhry, the post will fall vacant again which is primarily meant for female professor. But it is a rumour that a male professor is desirous and has been tipped to fill this post.

Learning about this, the executive body of the Association of FJM College Old Graduates (AFJOG), a registered NGO, providing free treatment to marginalised people of the city and providing many scholarships for the deserving students of this college, has strongly denounced this move.

The association held an emergent meeting to discuss the issue in which it was unanimously decided that new appointee must be a lady professor only. It was observed that there was no dearth of such worthy and meritorious lady professors already serving in the college.

The association members led by Col Dr (Mrs) ZI Khawaja, President AFJOG, who also called on Editor-in-Chief The Nation Majid Nizami in his office Tuesday, also decided to oppose the appointment of a male professor to this post and to launch a peaceful protest. If it did not succeed to bring a fruitful result, the AFJOG won't hesitate to carry out a 'gharao' for this purpose.

Talking to this correspondent, Dr Mrs ZI Khawaja said the issue of principalship of this college was categorically decided in the letter issued by Punjab Government vide No SOP&P79-5/12 dated Ist July 1980 by the Punjab health department in 1980.

It was decided to maintain the all-female distinction of this college, the appointees to all posts in the college should preferably be from the female gender and even in the case of promotions in the college preference should always be given to females. The incumbent female staff was also given assurance that they will not be transferred to other medical institutions.

She said taking cognizance of the peculiar social and religious stance of the people of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Madre-e-Millat Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, herself a medical doctor (a dentist), thought of establishing a medical college exclusively for ladies.

She inaugurated the first-ever exclusive women medical college in 1948 and the only one of its kind in the world.
This was a giant step forward not only for the emancipation of women but for their empowerment as well. In her inaugural speech, she envisaged, "one day this college will produce accomplished doctors of repute in all fields of medicines and surgery.

Her noble dream was prophetic, as this august institution has produced female doctors not only in great number but also doctors of great quality whose mettle has been recognised nationally and internationally.

The medical graduates of this college are at present serving with distinction in North America, Europe and other developed countries of the World, she added.

Starting with a male principal due to the dearth of suitable female incumbent at the time of partition, the administration of the college was later geared up very effectively and commendably by many illustrious and dedicated female principals.

This galaxy included the glorified name of Dr Prof Nabiha, Dr Prof Nasima, Dr Prof Bilqees Fatima, Dr Prof Basharat, Dr Prof Asmat Qazi, Dr Prof Fakhur-un-Nisa and Dr Prof Khalida Usmani.

This famous medical college attracted students from 25 Muslim countries of the world over the years who were attracted to this college not only for its unique identity but also for the quality of medical education in a sober and serene atmosphere.


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