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- Q & A content - Buddhist Online
 in previous years in Los Angeles, I said many times that his classmates have a ZHAO lay in Los Angeles, he is a retired university professor, to hear the Dharma very happy, he only chose two by: one is the by ! In ancient times, many such examples, modern river taste agriculture lay Temple lay only weeks using this method, Pope Wisdom, bank Amitabha achievements. I urged him: A hundred times I listen to them, this two by him speak, and put it very well. Throughout the United States was asked to talk about these two by him into two by the experts.
 effort to be effective? Thanks to the We do not do a lot, a by-pass, all pass through the can, we need not to speak by the theory? Best to speak. Our own experiences, to persuade all the beginner fellow, You see so many Bodhisattvas, gods, miscellaneous and God congregation in the Flower Adornment Sutra, Wang, the elderly, lay their further studies are an in-depth, no repair of the two Dharma, this is their own experiences to our to see.
 decades by the theory I am talking about a lot, at least there are dozens. This is not miscellaneous repair? This is called helpless! Why? These by the theory that no one speaking. If someone speak, I decided not to,wireless headphones, I will speak more specifically about the I like this, you do not learn, why? Very difficult. If you do not have a deep foundation, you decide influential, which is mixed with at least like a wise master really grasp reborn in paradise the world to help others sacrifice their own tastes, this line! You want to know,wireless headphones, specializing in post-secondary school, the grade increased. Wise Master deceased, a student asked him what grade of Elysium? He told the students: This is the public really is self-sacrifice, to sacrifice their own tastes to help you in this line; if he passed away not sure, can not do. Help others also engage in reincarnation, in the end, but also fall into three way, you're completely wrong. As for the scattered and dazed, greed, ignorance, pride, envy, worry now, we must know how to rule, these errors to be overcome.