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Karachi Port Trust (Pakistan) kpt كراچی پورٹ ٹرسٹ

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Karachi Port Trust (Pakistan) kpt كراچی پورٹ ٹرسٹ
« on: November 15, 2007, 07:52:57 PM »

Karachi Port Trust (Pakistan) kpt كراچی پورٹ ٹرسٹ

اس ادارے كے ذمے كراچی كی بندرگاہ كا انتظام ہے ۔یہ بھی ایك بہت بڑا ادارہ ہے جس كے مختلف شعبوں میں میٹرك پاس نوجوانوں كو ملازمت دی جاتی ہے۔

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Re: Karachi Port Trust (Pakistan) kpt كراچی پورٹ ٹرسٹ
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2008, 11:13:20 PM »
 The Karachi Port Kpt

 The Karachi Port is administered by a Board of Trustees, comprising Chairman and 10 Trustees. The Chairman is appointed by the Federal Government and is also the Chief Executive of Karachi Port Trust. The remaining 10 Trustees are equally distributed between the public and the private sector. The five public sector Trustees are nominated by the Federal Government. The seats for private sector Trustees are filled by elected representatives of various private sector organizations. This way all port users find a representation in the Board of Trustees.
Ships Repair

Repairs can be carried out at the anchorage, except in the monsoon season. Two ship repair jetties are available in the port. In addition, Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works Ltd. provide all kinds of repair and ship-building facilities.

Immobilization of main Engine:
Request for immobilization must be included by the master of the vessel in their arrival messages so that the permission of the Deputy Conservator, Karachi Port Trust may be obtained for the period required to carry out maintenance and necessary repairs. Oil tankers are not permitted to immobilize engines, particularly at oil pier berths.

Karachi Port Trust Eduljee Dinshaw Road Karachi-74000 Pakistan.

Pilotage is compulsory for vessels of 200 GRT and upwards. Pilot boards at the Outer Anchorage.

Vessels are pilotage day and night, subject to tides, length and draft to berths lying on the East and West of the fairway, which is 4.27 miles long. Pilotage distance is about 5 to 6 miles.

Karachi Package

Under a directive from the President of Pakistan, KPT is contributing in the Tameer-e-Karachi program by rehabilitating 3 roads and constructing a flyover to alleviate traffic problems of the city of Karachi. The estimated cost of these projects is over Rs 2.8 bn. Projects include: 
    *      KPT flyover at Korangi Road
    *      Rehabilitation of Maulvi Tamizuddin Khan Road
    *      Rehabilitation of Muhammad Ali Jinnah Road from Jinnah Bridge upto Keamari
    *      Rehabilitation of Mai Kolachi by pass upto Submarine Chowk including KPT underpass

Deepening of Channel

 A detailed Feasibility Study for Deepening of Channel was conducted by M/s HR Wallingford of UK, which recommended 13.5 m depth to cater for 12 m draught vessels at all tides. This project is to be launched at an estimated cost of US $ 30 million (Rs 1.75 billion). KPT is presently acquiring the latest and state of the art dredgers and plans to carry out the dredging through its own equipment and resources.

Karachi International Container Terminal

KICT is operational at the West Wharf. KICT over the years has expended in phases. Previously with only Phase – I functional it had an annual capacity of 350,000 TEU, with 3 modern Gantry Cranes, 6 RTGs and many other associated equipment. In the second phase KICT has added a ship to shore gantry crane, 4 rubber tyre gantries etc. increasing the terminal capacity to 525,000 TEU.  This was US $ 65 million investment.

Phase III was launched on March 7, 2005. It will have an additional area of 104,000 sq.m with an investment of US$ 55 million. Terminal capacity shall be increased to 700,000 TEUs. The 973 m long berths of the terminal will be deepened to cater for 14 meter draught container ship. Completion of Phase-III is in March 2008.

Bulk Cargo Terminal

  Annual handling of bulk cargo at the port is 3 mt. Private sector has been invited to set up a dedicated bulk cargo terminal at East Wharves. KPT will  provide 630 m quay wall from berths 10-13, alongwith 215,000 sq m of terminal area. Bids are under evaluation. Expected investment is US $ 20 million.

PAPCO Pipeline

  The present PAPCO White Oil Pipeline plan originates from the single FOTCO oil berth at PQA and terminates at KOT Addu.  This pipe routing will isolate KPT’s three modern oil berths from handling any white oil cargo for up country.  KPT, therefore, on its own initiative, has had a study conducted to integrate Karachi Port’s infrastructure for liquid products handling with the national infrastructure.  This would mean connecting Keamari to Port Qasim facilities of Zulfiqarabad Oil Terminal, Bossicor Refinery, and the PAPCO pipeline. Pipeline has been laid.

Pakistan Deep Water Container Port

  As the new generation of Container ships comes on the drawing boards, Karachi Port takes the initiative of bracing itself to handle and cater for fifth and sixth generation ships. This involves the development of deep draught berths and due to its strategic location Keamari Groyne is the natural choice. The berths shall be built at 18 m depth, with 3.75 km of quay wall. Provision of 10 berths have been made in the KPT long term plan. The project shall be carried out in phases and on public private partnership. Cost of project is US$ 1087 million. KPT shall share US$ 345 million.

Cargo Village

  Setting up of a satellite facility in the vicinity of the Port, enveloping all the port requirements, is a recent concept all over the world. 1303 acres of land is proposed for the project with individual areas catering for containers, general and bulk cargo, processing plants, customs and other related facilities. It will also have connectivity to M-10 and Lyari Express Way.  Phase-I will comprise an area of around 330 acres. Infrastructure development cost of project is US $55 million. Expected investment is Rs 6300 M.  Design consultancy has been awarded to M/s Inros Lackner, Germany and design of project  is in progress.

Replacement of Floating Crafts

To keep pace with the upgrade of various facilities our old crafts are also being replaced, these are: 

   1.      Trailer Suction Hopper Dredger with 6000 m3 capacity hopper.  Cost is Rs. 3.5 bn and delivery is in Dec 2007
   2.       Shipping Tugs > 60 Tons Bollard pull – Tenders in process
   3.      Hopper barges     - Tenders in process

Port Tower

There is a dearth of world-class recreational facilities in the city. So KPT is offering a Joint Venture project to establish a 1947 ft high Port Tower with commercial cum recreational center. Integrating into Karachi’s skyline, the main feature of the venture shall be commercial complex, residential estate, recreational facilities and resorts along with a viewing gallery offering a panoramic view of the coastline and the city. The Tower is planned to be located at the Clifton shoreline. Presently proposals invited through press from the interested firms are under study.

Food Street

  Another Project is the establishment of a Food Street, at our Native’s Jetty Bridge and its adjoining area. This scenic coastal stretch, has ample area for landscaping, walkways and joy rides, dinner cruises etc. Work commenced in Nov. 2004 and completion is in 2007.


  We have centralized all operational activities of vessels movements, cargo handling, real estate management and billings, through a software programme, custom made to KPT’s unique requirement. It allocates stratified database controls to managers, and provides immediate information retrieval facility for the port users.  Our ultimate goal is a functional paperless port. KPT has already introduced the remote submission of the Cargo book by ship agents through their office computers on a dial in system.

  From last Dec. e-wharfage programme has been introduced. Port users have been provided a swift connection, eliminating queuing at KPT offices for wharfage assessment. Now Clearing agents can access the e-Wharfage system form their own computers, have an assessment of wharfage, make payment, and bring receipt to the port for delivery of cargo. A data entry centre is also provided at KPT for those who do not have a computer available.

     Interactive Voice Response System

  Karachi Port Trust is setting up an Interactive Voice Response System (Voice Portal).  It is planned to facilitate our port users through 24/7 services of information delivery via publicly available telephone network

Pakistan International Container Terminal

  KPT has awarded a second Container Terminal on BOT in June 2002. This Terminal at Berths 6-9 East Wharf has 600 m quay wall with - 13.5 m depth, and 450,000 TEUs planned capacity.  Two modern gantry cranes and associated equipment were deployed in Phase-I.  This was a US $ 75 million project. Works in Phase-II & III have also completed and one more ship to shore gantry crane has been deployed

Hinterland Connectivity of Port to Cargo Village(Bridge over Channel)

The plans for connecting the Deep Draught Container Terminal with the Cargo Village at Western backwaters are on with bridge of span 300 m and height 60 meters. The cause way length shall be approx. 6 kilometers. Engineering Consultancy for this project has been awarded to M/s Leonhardt Andra & Partners of Germany and feasibility study for the project is underway.

Berth Reconstruction  Plan

The project is part of KPT’s vision which provides capability of port to synchronize with development & handling of modern vessels around the world. As per the consultants recommendation of the study, 10 of 30 berths should be reconstructed at 16 meters depth in three phases.  In Phase-I Reconstruction of Berth 14-17 shall be carried out. Design consultancy has been awarded to M/s Scot Wilson Kirkpatricks of UK and design of berths with appointment of contractors is in progress.

 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

LNG is coming up as the fuel of the future. Presently it is being introduced in many countries and progressively being marketed all over the world. KPT is also in a process of setting up LNG import facilities in Western Backwaters. For which 150 Acres have been earmarked.  Many entrepreneurs have approached KPT and proposals received which are under consideration. Cost of project is US$ 500 million.

Coal Terminal

To coupe with environmentally hazard coal, a separate terminal is also planned by KPT in western backwaters. The terminal shall be exclusive for handling coal and shall have 2 berths with capacity 50,000 tons.

Cruise Terminal

KPT is in a process of developing Cruise Terminal at its Manora Island. The terminal shall be planned to include 700 m of quay wall with capability to handle latest cruise liners. Presently consultants for the project are being appointed
 Port Shopping District

The concept envisages a complete state of the art shopping district. This shall fill the gap of world class shopping facility in the city and shall be self contained with multinational chains of International standards. This project has high potential for investment and located on a prime land of 20 acres adjacent Sailing Club, Clifton and connected to city main stream. Proposals for its construction are being invited.

KPT Office and Commercial Tower

KPT is also constructing office tower in the near vicinity of the KPT Office. The tower shall be 60 storey high on 6,600 sq.m. area. Estimated cost of the tower is Rs. 6 billion and presently consultants for its design are being appointed.

Twin Towers

The towers shall be located adjacent to KPT Head Office Building. The towers are planned on 25,000 sq. meters area in the city main stream