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Nasir Kazimi: a poet of unique metaphors

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Nasir Kazimi: a poet of unique metaphors
« on: December 09, 2010, 08:30:49 PM »
Nasir Kazimi: a poet of unique metaphors By Zaib Azkaar Hussain Karachi

Nasir Kazimi was a poet of unique metaphors and he used original short meter (behr) in Urdu poetry and this is why the lovers of poetry cannot forget him at least on his birth and death anniversaries.

Syed Nasir Raza Kazimi, popularly known as Nasir Kazimi, was born on December 8, 1925 and died in March 1972. The creative experiments made by him are still very much fresh in Urdu poetry. For instance, his works titled ìPehli Baarishî gained popularity due to his wonderful expression in short poetic lines.

Nasir Kazimi was also amongst the poets who used common words with a unique and creative touch and deriving an amazing meaning. Consider this: Mein kal taire ghar aíaya tha ñ tu kaheen bahar gaya huwa thaî.

Although most of his critics say that he derived his poetry from the ìMeer school of thoughtî, the fact is that he put up ìvalue additionî that made him a poet of his own style.†It is a fact that he saw life differently and it was all a unique expression that enriched Urdu poetry in terms of format and creation of fresh diction as well.

Nasir Kazimi was perhaps the only poet who was sung by a number of singers in his lifetime and after his death, as the renowned singers themselves selected his verses for singing. A number of poets just followed Nasir Kazimi in creating verses in small or short behr (meter) and it was a kind of acknowledgement and tribute to him. Yet the impact of his poetry remains totally unique from others.

The same sort of experiments can be seen in his other poetic lines like: ìMein to woh naheen raha ñ haan magar wohi hai tuî and ìAjeeb maanoos ajnabi tha ñ mujhe tau hairan kar gaya woî.

In general, such words donít have much strange meaning but owing to their context the words change their meaning and become more symbolic, where the contrast of† ìcommencementî and ìpresenceî show a rather different meaning of coming and leaving.

Similarly, his ìghazlsî are very much fresh and enriched poetry as he rather introduced new and amazing metaphors such as ìdil mein ik leharî, ìkoi deewarî, ìudasi bal kholeî, ìshehr kuon saaien saaien karta haiî and ìshehr ki be charagh galyun meinî.

Besides, Nasir Kazimi viewed the life with a quite different understanding vis-‡-vis society, relationships between different classes and his approach towards ìmehboobî (lover) was quite different from that adopted by other poets. It is perhaps difficult to find some usual or clichÈ-ridden style in Nasir Kazimiís poetry towards ëmehboobí and this shows that he had done all this due to his great wisdom towards ìbeing and becomingî.

He also enjoyed command over depicting different feelings and shades of life such as love, hatred, anxiety wherein sometimes an optimistic viewpoint emerges and at times he depicts a pessimistic view of existing in a harsh society.The news,


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