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Sindh Agriculture University Training course on 'soil and water Testing Machines

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Sindh Agriculture University Training course on 'soil and water Testing Machines'

Hyderabad: Machinery worth tens of millions of rupees are rusting and gathering dust in many Sindh government departments as officials were too naïve to operate these due to lack of training.

This information was shared by Vice-Chancellor, Sindh Agriculture University, Dr Abdul Qadir Mughal at the concluding session of a training course on 'soil and water testing machines' at the campus on Friday.

Huge sums of public money get wasted when costly machines are purchased by certain departments, and over a period of time become redundant as these lay unused on account of absence of know-how, he said.

He said the world was fast progressing as it was keeping pace with the latest innovations but here in Pakistan, people are too laid-back to get themselves involved in new approaches and ideas.

This training course, he hoped, would help in utilizing these machines not only for water and soil testing but also for making use of water waste, he said asked other departments to take a cue by embarking upon training courses.

Prof Dr Shamsuddin reminding scholars that that water was life for all living things, whether man, animal or plant, therefore it was necessary to protect soil through application of machines.

Dr Mehrunnisa Memon delving on training course said that not only teachers and staffers but those affiliated with the Agriculture Department, the National Sugar Crops Research Institute and soil and water testing laboratories too, have benefited heavily and it was now obligatory on them to encourage machinery use in their respective areas of operation.

Sindh University Prof Dr Iqbal Bhangar and Prof Dr Mohammad Saleem Akhtar of Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi, conducted the training course.


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