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Former VC accused financial irregularities Quaid-i-Awam Engineering University

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Former VC accused of financial irregularities Quaid-i-Awam Engineering University
NAWABSHAH,: A former vice-chancellor of the Quaid-i-Awam University of Engineering, Science and Technology has been accused of ‘fleecing’ the university of Rs2 million during his short tenure and of continuing to occupy the guest-house of the institution.
The former vice-chancellor moved into the guest-house of the university and made it his official residence soon after taking charge and also kept a bungalow allotted to him earlier when he was a professor.

He was entitled to Rs70,000 as house rent and Rs15,000 as utilities allowance but he did not pay anything from his salary till the end of his tenure.

The total of house rent for the period of 23 months comes to Rs1.61 million and utility allowance Rs340,000.

Sources in the university said that the Accountant General Pakistan Revenues (AGPR) had raised serious objections to non-deduction of house rent and other allowances from the former VC’s salary but the finance department of the university managed to hush up the matter by removing the relevant paragraphs from the audit report.

With the guest-house remaining occupied, the university is spending huge amounts on providing alternate accommodation to guests from other universities, members of visiting teams from Governor’s House and Higher Education Commission.

The sources said that the officials concerned planned to bring the embezzlement to the notice of the syndicate.

Purchase of inferior quality furniture and fixtures for the new administration block costing Rs7.5 million would also be taken up by the syndicate, the sources said.

The former VC, when contacted by this correspondent, denied the allegations and said that he was being victimised.

About the occupation of the guest-house, he said that former vice-chancellors had also lived in the guest-house and he had to live there because there was no accommodation at the university.Dawn


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