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The reality of working from home - by Ray Cook - Helium
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The reality of working from home - by Ray Cook - Helium
I work from home as part of a virtual office team providing Web Design, marketing and hosting services. I've been doing this for nine years.It may sound an attractive proposition to those of you struggling through the traffic jams making the daily commute to work but you need to acquire a certain attitude and diipline to be able to be successful and content working from home.      The reality is that there are plusses and minuses to working from home. In my case the positive side outweighs the negative by a long way. There are business realities and the affects on you personally.From the business point of view we set up a virtual office environment,beats dr dre, sharing a VOIP phone system so that it gives the illusion we are all working in the same place. In fact,uggs nz, we work at different locations and some of us are not only in a different city but in a different country. This is the beauty of modern communications and the Internet. It s up possibilities which were undreamed of by previous generations, undreamed of by us,lisseur ghd, actually, if I think back 20 years.Of course, not everyone is working at home sitting in front of a computer but there are basic facts of life to be faced. A typical day will start with me signing in as online anywhere from 8.15am to 9.00am. I could, in theory, have a bowl of cereal with me and even be in my pajamas! That's the advantage of being at home, you can be as slovenly as you like, but it's really much better to say to yourself that you are going to work and  dressed and finish eating. You have to have a industry leading approach or you will lose diipline.Then the next reality will hit you if you are just starting out; you will find yourself alone if your spouse works or you live alone. I have a cat. That helps (as long as she doesn't sit meowing whilst I am on a business call and I have to gently nudge her toward the door whilst my headset chord s tighter and tighter).Being alone is not for everyone. You will miss the office gossip, the team camaraderie and the sense of being part of an endeavor. Home is home, after all. It's not so easy to see yourself as being at work, but after a while you will do. Some people literally leave the house to work alone by building an office in the back yard or converting a garage.Diipline is key. Not only do you have to do enough work but you have to stop yourself from doing too much and ting tied to the computer at all hours. You must have a cut-off point. Workaholics beware. You have to separate