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Title: Best Engineering Universities in the World
Post by: علم دوست on May 19, 2008, 05:15:21 PM
Best Engineering Universities in the World
Name of the Institution   Country
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT    USA
Stanford University    USA
University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign    USA
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor    USA
University of California - Berkeley    USA
Pennsylvania State University - University Park    USA
Georgia Institute Technology    USA
University of Texas - Austin    USA
University of California - San Diego    USA
Purdue University - West Lafayette    USA
University of California - Santa Barbara    USA
University of Southern California    USA
University of Maryland - College Park    USA
Carnegie Mellon University    USA
Cornell University    USA
University of Cambridge    UK
Tohoku University    Japan
California Inst Tech    USA
University of Toronto    Canada
Northwestern University    USA
University of Wisconsin - Madison    USA
North Carolina State University - Raleigh    USA
University of Washington - Seattle    USA
Princeton University    USA
Kyoto University    Japan
Ohio State University - Columbus    USA
Imperial College London    UK
Swiss Fed Inst Tech - Lausanne    Switzerland
Tokyo Inst Tech    Japan
University of Florida    USA
Texas A&M University - College Station    USA
National University Singapore    Singapore
University of California - Los Angeles    USA
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities    USA
Harvard University    USA
University of Pennsylvania    USA
Hong Kong University Science & Technology    Hong Kong
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology    Israel
Osaka University    Japan
University of Massachusetts - Amherst    USA
University of Oxford    UK
University of Colorado - Boulder    USA
University of California - Davis    USA
University of Manchester    UK
McGill University    Canada
University of Waterloo    Canada
Virginia Tech    USA
University of California - Irvine    USA
National Chiao Tung University    Taiwan
Duke University    USA
Arizona State University - Tempe    USA
Case Western Reserve University    USA
Chalmers University Tech    Sweden
City University Hong Kong    Hong Kong
Kyushu University    Japan
Michigan State University    USA
Nanyang Tech University    Singapore
Polytechnic Inst Turin    Italy
Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst    USA
Rice University    USA
Seoul National University    South Korea
Swiss Fed Inst Tech - Zurich    Switzerland
Tech University Denmark    Denmark
Tokyo University    Japan
Tsing Hua University    China
University of Bordeaux 1    France
University of Bristol    UK
University of British Columbia    Canada
University of Delaware    USA
University of Leuven    Belgium
University of Melbourne    Australia
University of New South Wales    Australia
University of Sheffield    UK
University of Sydney    Australia
University of Twente    Netherlands
University of Virginia    USA
Boston University    USA
Chinese University Hong Kong    Hong Kong
Delft University Tech    Netherlands
Hokkaido University    Japan
Indian Inst Science    India
Iowa State University    USA
Johns Hopkins University    USA
Korea Advanced Inst Science & Technology    South Korea
Lund University    Sweden
National Taiwan University    Taiwan
National Tsing Hua University    Taiwan
Pohang University Science & Technology    South Korea
Shanghai Jiao Tong University    China
Tech University Munich    Germany
Tel Aviv University    Israel
University of Alberta    Canada
University of California - Riverside    USA
University of Central Florida    USA
University of Leeds    UK
University of Louvain    Belgium
University of Montreal    Canada
University of Naples Federico II    Italy
University of Newcastle    Australia
University of Paris 06    France
University of Southampton    UK
University of Utah    USA
University of Utrecht    Netherlands
Uppsala University    Sweden
Washington University - St. Louis    USA
Zhejiang University    China
Title: Re: Best Engineering Universities in the World
Post by: aliyahbinrasheed on July 27, 2020, 06:05:33 PM
Thanks for the list. Can you add the University of Wollongong in Dubai to the list? UOWD is one of the top universities in Dubai (