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Title: Student life The Lahore University of Management Sciences
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:: Student life The Lahore University of Management Sciences

The university campus contains an academic block, a library, an IT building, a Pepsi-sponsored dining center (PDC), Executive Development Center, a mosque and a Sports complex. The Sports complex houses world class squash courts,a basketball court, badminton and table tennis facilities, a gym, a fitness room, a music room, a chess room, an art room, etc. Hostels are segregated, with exclusive male and female residential arrangements.

LUMS students also take part in extracurricular activities such as managing academic conferences, hosting charity shows and debating events. Student societies, clubs, and associations help to meet the recreational and vocational needs of students, who also bring with them a rich blend of extracurricular interests.

LUMS has a plethora of societies that are almost always active through out the year. Some of the more prominent societies are:

LUMS Chess Club (LCC) Sports at LUMS (SLUMS) LUMS Adventure Society (LAS; website at Publications at LUMS (PLUMS) LUMS Model UN (LUMUN) LUMS Religious Society (LRS) Law and Politics Society (LPS) Debates and Recitation at LUMS (DRUMS) LUMS Alpha Society (ALPHA), LUMS Entrepreneurial Society (LES) LUMS Student Math Society (LSMS) LUMS - IEEE Society AIESEC (website at

Recently LUMS has emerged as the hub of the nascent but burgeoning Student Movement in Pakistan, advocating the cause of rule of law, independance of the judiciary and free media. The Student Council at LUMS along with the newly-created Student Action Committee are spearheading a new wave of political consciousness and activism amongst the students. The movement that began at LUMS is now spreading beyond the campus and is inspring students around the country.