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  1. لا ء گریجویٹ اسیسمنٹ ٹیسٹ میں پھر سنگین غلطیوں کا انکشاف
  2. NTS: NAT Schedule
  3. NTS All Tests Results 2012-2013 NAT Test Result 2012
  4. PU B.ed Results 2011
  5. Govt Completes process of releasing Salaries to NTS Teachers
  6. Nts Jobs 2018
  7. Seminar on Presentation skills
  8. Punjab MBBS Entry Test forms available till 24th
  9. Medical Entry Test (MCAT) Syllabus 2010
  10. Medical Entry Test (MCAT) Self-Test Papers 2010
  11. NAT TEST
  12. Sindh Medical colleges/universities Test Date has been announced
  13. Sindh Medical Colleges Entry Test MBBS/BDS 2009-2010
  14. NWFP Entry Test 2009 for Admission In Engineering University
  15. Entry Tests To Medical & Engineering Universities Cannot Be Abolished In Punjab
  16. NWFP Entry Test 2009 For Admission In Medical colleges
  17. Guessing Answers
  18. NAT National Testing Service for NWFP
  19. GAT Programme for Admission to PhD at National Testing Service NTS Test
  20. GAT Programme for Admission to M.phil & HEC Scholarship at National Testing Ser
  21. Resolution in Punjab Assembly to end entrance tests
  22. Medical colleges entry test decision & CM's committee
  23. in Punjab Body setup for medical colleges entry tests
  24. No NTS means tough competition: Students fight for admission in bachelor's progr
  25. NTS entry test of COMSATS, negligence to deprive students of entry test
  26. NTS Our books Sellers
  29. Correspondance City District in your NAT Registration Form
  31. WHAT IS NAT?
  32. Entrance Test For Admission To Centers Of Excellence 2008 Roll No 01001--21999
  33. Entrance Test For Admission To Centers Of Excellence 2008 Roll No 22001--30015
  34. Entrance Test For Admission To Centers Of Excellence 2008 Roll No 30016--92003
  35. Correct Way of Marking on the Answer Sheet
  36. Before and During the Test
  37. Three Golden Hints !!!
  38. How to Prepare for the Test ?
  39. Instructions for Candidates NTS
  40. Can I apply for re-checking ?
  41. How is my score calculated ?
  42. in Medical and Engineering Entrance Test How many MCQs in the question paper ?
  43. Can I have some old test papers ?
  44. How should I prepare for the test ?
  45. What subjects constitute the test paper ?
  46. (NTS) Which course should I study ?
  47. Where are the questions made from ?
  48. How many chances do I have to appear in the test ?
  49. What is my position on the merit list ?
  50. When will be the merit list displayed ?