Author Topic: More than 150 student union members killed since the 1980s  (Read 8725 times)

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More than 150 student union members killed since the 1980s
« on: April 28, 2008, 08:51:54 PM »
More than 150 student union members killed since the 1980s

LAHORE: More than 150 student union leaders and members have been killed by other students, criminals and the police since the 1980s.
Some of the prominent student union members are as follow:
MSF: Union member Zahid was the first to be murdered. The incident took place in Misri Shah. After Zahid, there was a spate of killings that claimed the lives of Arshad Amin Chaudhry, Atif Chaudhry, Arif Chaudhry, Abid Chaudhry, Agha Naveed and Raees alias Tanki. These people were either killed by rival unionists or the police. Atif Chaudhry had been injured in a shootout with the police in in Jamrod and was later killed by the police in Sandha. However, a case was registered against Arshad Amin Chaudhry in this regard. Agha Naveed was wanted by the police and was killed in Islamabad by them. Rival unionists killed Arshad Amin, Arif, Raees alias Tanki and Abid.
PSF: Shahid Butt was killed by the police in Sabzazar. Jansher and Lucky Shah were also student leaders and became assassins. They were also killed by the police in separate incidents. Zaheer alias Bao, another student leader, was one of the accused in the assassination of Punjab AAG Arif Bhinder and 12 others. Bao’s body was found from the Canal and the police were till investigating the cause behind his murder. Raees alias Kaliya, a student union member, was murdered by rival unionists in Islampura.
Quaid-e-Azam Students Federation: Tanveer Khakwani and Sunny, both members of QSF, are wanted by the police.
National Students Federation: Javed Butt, the NSF Lahore president, was killed along with Tara alias Jin in Allama Iqbal Town. staff report
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