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Patients Guide Punjab Institue of Cardiology Lahore

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Patients Guide Punjab Institue of Cardiology Lahore
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Patients Guide Punjab Institue of Cardiology Lahore   

Service to humanity is the Service to God.Who has saved the life of one person he has saved the humanity.
To Our Patients:
Welcome to PIC. PIC is dedicated to provide excellent Cardiac Care to our patients. We at PIC provide compassionate care, combined with the most up to date treatment in the field of adult and Paediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery.Our Cardiologists and Cardiac Surgeons and support paramedical staff form a well-trained and highly motivated team working round the clock. We pride our selves in our ability to work as a team efficiently to deliver excellent Cardiac Care to our patients.Our goal at PIC, to provide state of art Cardiac Care to the field of Cardiology, International Cardiology, and Cardiac Surgery. To promote research, medical education and scientific publication. To educate the public regarding preventive cardiology.
How To Get Treatment At PIC:

Emergency Services:

Cardiac patients reporting emergency ward with cardiac emergencies are

Out Patients Services
Appointments With Consultants
Consultants are available at evening for private consultation at PIC. Time for consultation can be obtained from the secretary of the respective consultants.

Referred patients:

Patients who are referred from other institutions or consultants for Cardiac Cath, diagnostic and Cardiac Surgery procedures are entertained round the clock..Quality improvement is constantly implemented and high international standards are maintained. Facilities and medical technology are continually upgraded.The Institute provides 24-hour regular and special CCU ambulance service. Each ambulance is equipped with monitoring devices and resuscitation equipment. The medical team specialized in taking care of patients with severe heart diseases. Accompanying with the ambulance is always prepared to act efficiently in any life-threatening situation, in order to save people’s lives in a shortest duration.

The Punjab Institute of Cardiology has the largest number of full time cardiologists who specialize in state-of-the-art angioplasty or PTCA for the treatment of angina pectoris or chest pain and acute myocardial infraction or heart attack. PTCA for patients with acute heart attack, if perform early enough by experienced operator, has been shown to have benefit over the treatment in such patients with medication alone.

The Punjab Institute of Cardiology is the first institution in Pakistan to perform heart surgery by using technologies procedures called “Off-pump” surgery. This coronary artery bypass surgery procedure is being done on the beating heart and without the-lung machine. Off-Pump surgery avoids complications of the heart-lung machine. This new technique also reduces the recuperation time, the hospital stay and cost.

In year 2002 the Punjab Institute of Cardiology treated more than cardiac outpatients and did more than heart surgeries. Furthermore, the Punjab Institute of Cardiology performed more than cardio angiogram procedures and PTCA (Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty) procedures.

The number of patients who are successfully treated grows every year and our results are comparable to abroad providers.
Non-invasive Investigation Laboratory:

Most of the initial work up for those at risk or suspicious of having heart disease can be done with simple and painless yet sophisticated technology:

1. Electrocardiography (ECG) is a method for basic investigation for several heart diseases.
2. Exercise Stress Test is used to monitor the ECG and blood pressure during exercise and possible cause of the chest pain.
3. Echocardiography (Echo) is a method of using ultrasound to exam the heart and inside structure.
4. Exercise Stress Echo is used to monitor the heart and the condition of the muscles of the heart, before and after exercising.
5. Dynamic Electrocardiography (DCG) / Holter monitor is an ECG but registering the heartbeat for 24 hours. This method is used to see if the heartbeat is normal and to indicate any cause of palpitation.
6. Dobutamine Stress Echo uses the drug “Dobutamine” to make heart beat faster as if during exercise.
7. Transesophageal Echo is a technique used when an echocardiography does not give enough detailed information.
8. Tilt Table Test is used for patients who experience a dysfunction of an autonomic nervous system which control the heart.
9. Carotid Duplex Scan is used to evaluate the narrowing of the carotid vessel, by using ultrasound technology.
10. Thallium Scan for evaluation of myocardial perfusion and Viability are used routinely for evaluation of Ischemic Heart Disease