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Heart Surgery Punjab Institue of Cardiology Lahore

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Heart Surgery Punjab Institue of Cardiology Lahore
« on: August 05, 2009, 01:09:14 PM »
Heart Surgery Punjab Institue of Cardiology Lahore   

Prof. Dr. Jawad Sajid Khan, a world renowned cardiac surgeon who spent over 10 years in UK, leads the cardiac surgeon team of the Punjab Institute of Cardiology.Heart Surgery requires a highly experienced and dedicated team of specialists. The cardiac surgeon team and specialized nurses work closely together. They monitor and observe the patient’s condition from the very beginning throughout post operative period.

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery is used for patients who suffer from ischemic heart diseases. The cardiac surgeons use this technique either with or without a heart-lung machine (Off-Pump surgery). Avoiding the heart lung machine eliminates all of its potential side effects.

2. Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery
The specialists use a small incision to avoid the damage to the tissue. This leaves the patient with less pain, less complication and fast recovery.

3. All Arterial Conduits
Using arterial conduits eliminates leg incision, arterial conduits last longer than the commonly used saphenous vein.
We offer the best surgical treatment of coronary artery disease in this region of the world by a combination of small incision, Off-Pump surgery and all artery conduits.

4. Valve replacement surgery
We have a special team of cardiac surgeons who perform Valvular heart surgery, the results of our centre are comparable to many centers of modern countries.

5. Surgery for Congenital Heart Diseases
Surgery for Congenital Heart Diseases is also available at our centre, we have successfully operated upon many complex congenital anamolies

6. Vascular Surgery
Aortic, Carotid and other Arterial Surgeries are also performed routinely at our centre with excellent results

Besides the above mentioned surgical procedures, we also provide all other cardiothoracic surgeries.

Punjab Institute Of Cardiology Cardiac Rehabiliation Clinic

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is for the rehabilitation of cardiac patients and those with high risk of heart disease.