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Activities Armed Forces Postgraduate Medical Institute

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Activities Armed Forces Postgraduate Medical Institute
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Activities Armed Forces Postgraduate Medical Institute 

Clinico-Pathology Conferences

Every Tuesday FCPS Part-II trainee officers of all the specialties present a case during the conference which is followed by discussions. This is also a part of internal assessment of FCPS Part-II trainees. It is attended by all the trainees, consultants and advisors of different specialties.

Common Lectures

Every Thursday a consultant delivers a lecture on the latest concepts in his field of speciality to all trainees. Consultants from different stations are invited to deliver lecture.

Workshops / Symposia

See details in News and Events .

(King Edward Medical College Alumni Association of North America) Seminar

North American doctors of Pakistani origin who are graduates of King Edward Medical College Lahore hold a conference every December and read papers of their speciality. Its an opportunity for local doctors as well as trainees to learn from the experiences of experts and know the latest trends in field of medical sciences which is being practiced in North America.

Visits to various medical establishments, within and outside the country

      Postgraduate students of M.Sc Medical Administration visit various establishments within the country and outside the country to learn latest managerial and administrative skills in the field of health administration.
      MPH / UCC courses visit different establishments at Rawalpindi / Islamabad to learn and share their knowledge in field of administration and public health.
      FCPS qualified officers are sent abroad for On Job Training (OJT) and to know the latest trends in their speciality.