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Education Programs Nishtar Medical college Multan
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Education Programs Nishtar Medical college Multan

Nishtar Medical College offers basic medical traing programmes (MBBS/BDS) as well as specialzation (FCPS) trainings in various medical branches.

Specialization training ranges from one or two years diplama certification to five years registrarships (residency programs).Specializations are offered with assistance of College of Phsisians and Surgeons (CPSP) wherease training is carreied out in Nishtar Hopsital.
        M.B.,B.S. (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)
        B.D.S (Bachelor in Dental Surgery)
        F.C.P.S (Fellow of College of Physisians and Surgeon)
        M.C.P.S (Member of College of Physisians and Surgeon)
        D.C.P.S. (Diploma Certifications)

Nishtar Medical College offers a five-year undergraduate programme leading to the degree of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). The programme is designed to equip students with appropriate knowledge and skills necessary to understand the health of individuals and of communities. The curriculum conforms to the requirements of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), which is the registering body in Pakistan.Upon satisfactory completion of the curricular requirements of the five-year course and certifying examinations, graduates are awarded the degree of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) of University of Helath Sciences,Lahore. Graduates will be required to register with PMDC in order to obtain a licence to practise in Pakistan.
A-         Period of studies
          Autumn Term October 01 to December 24.
Winter Term January 02 to March 31.
Summer Term April 09 to June 15.
B-         Vacations

Summer Vacation.. As per schedule decided by the College Academic Council. Winter Recess. December 25 to January 1
Spring Holidays. April 01 to April 08

Hospital teaching continues during summer vacation for the students of Third, Fourth and Final year M.B., B.S. Classes. Students performing hospital duty will be divided in batches. Time tables for various batches will be prepared by the time table committee. If needed, classes may also be continued during the summer vacation.

        Time Table
          Programme for lectures, practical classes and hospital training will be notified by the Principal before the commencement of the academic session and during the session if a change is required.
D-         Classes for M.B., B.S. Degree
          Teaching, training, syllabus, courses, send up examinations etc. are carried out according to the rules and regulations of the University concerned / prospectus of the medical colleges.
          The details of the syllabus, courses, outline of tests and statutes relating to M.B.,B.S., University Examinations will be notified to the students of various classes each year by the Principal .

Academic Schedule
     a)    (i) Lectures- Anatomy with Embryology, Histology, with due emphasis on functional aspect
          (ii) Practical Classes-Dissection, Histology.
     b)    (i)Lectures-Physiology,
          (ii) Practical Classes-Experimental Physiology.
     c)    (i) Lectures-Biochemistry.
          (ii) Practical classes-Biochemistry.
     d).    Islamiyat /or Ethics and Pakistan Studies.
2.         THIRD YEAR
     (a)    Lectures and practical classes - Basic Pharmacology and Therapeutics
     (b)    Lectures and practical classes - Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Demonstrations of medico-legal cases and Medico-legal Postmortems.
     (c)    Lectures in Dentistry.
     (d)    Lectures in Psychology.
     (e)    Lectures and practical classes - General Pathology, Bacteriology and Parasitology.
     (f)    Lectures-Principles of Surgery.
     (g)    Lectures-Principles of Medicine.
     (h)    Bedside; there will be indoor hospital teaching in the following departments:-
          (i) Medicine;
(ii) Surgery;
(iii) Paediatrics;
(iv) Orthopaedic Surgery;
(i) A course for training in clinical Methods in Medicine and Surgery.
3.         FOURTH YEAR.
     (a).    Lectures and Laboratory work in Special Pathology.
     (b)    Lectures and Practical/field studies in Community Medicine.
     (c)    Lectures in applied subjects (Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology)
     (d).    Lectures in Medicine and allied specialities.
     (e).    Lectures in Surgery and allied specialities
     (f).    Lectures in Midwifery and Gynaecology.
     (g)    Lectures and Demonstrations in Ophthalmology (EYE)
     (h)    Lectures and Demonstrations in Oto-Rhinolaryngolgy (ENT)
     (i).    Lectures in Radiology,
     (j)    Lectures in Tuberculosis and Chest diseases.
     (k).    Bedside; there will be teaching in the in and out-patients departments in the following subjects in the attached teaching hospitals.
          Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics. Also Orthopaedic Surgery, Radiotherapy, Urology, Neurosurgery, Cardiac Surgery, Radiology, Dermatology, Tuberculosis and Chest diseases, Cardiology, Neurology, Paediatric Surgery, where such units exist
     (l)    A short practical course in immunization.
5.         FINAL YEAR
     (a).    Lectures in Medicine and allied specialities.
     (b).    Lectures in Surgery and allied specialities.
     (c).    Lectures in Midwifery and Gynaecology.
     (d).    Lectures and Demonstrations in Ophthalmology.
     (e).    Lectures and Demonstrations in Oto-Rhinolaryngology
     (f).    Lectures in Paediatrics.
     (g).    Lectures in Anaesthesia, Radiotherapy and Radiology.
     (h).    Weekly Clinico-Pathological Conference in every subject.
     (i).    Operative Surgery Practical.
     (j).    Bedside teaching in all the in and out patients departments of attached