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DISCIPLINE RULES & REGULATIONS Lahore Medical & Dental College Lahore

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DISCIPLINE RULES & REGULATIONS Lahore Medical & Dental College Lahore

The students of LMDC are expected to behave with mature responsibility at all times and show a caring attitude, accepting diversity and respect for the feelings of other students. It is not possible to anticipate, describe or specify every type of unacceptable behavior but general guidelines can be provided. Dishonest behavior in the form of falsification of documents or cheating at examination will result in expulsion from the college. Other reasons for dismissal / or severe punishment include violence against other students, staff or faculty, stealing willful damage to college property, vandalism, possession or use of drugs, verbal or physical assault, public demonstrations of affection. Harassment of any form, is considered a serious offense as the respect, dignity and self esteem of another individual are affected. Any reported cases of harassment will result in severe disciplinary action. Harassment may include sexual harassment, which is defined as repeated and unwanted verbal or physical sexual advances, derogatory statements or remarks which cause the recipient discomfort or humiliation. Bullying may be defined as intimidation with a harsh look and or physical and verbal threats. This is also against the rules.
Students should not make noise within the college premises. Students are  forbidden  to  sing, whistle, hoot, shout or indulge in any unseemly behavior or activity on college premises at anytime. Punctuality to class timings and proper discipline in class rooms, practical demonstration and tutorials should be of the highest order. No student is allowed to loiter and move aimlessly in or around college.
Every part of the college and hospital building shall be kept clean. No wall fixtures, models, specimens or charts are to be pierced, defaced, mutilated, or damaged in any way. Any damage in any form caused by a student due to his / her negligence or deliberate intention shall be repaired at the expense of the student responsible for the negligence. Any student found guilty of persistent violation of rules shall be suspended or dismissed from the college by the Principal. The college is not responsible for loss of any property, valuables of jewelry of the students. Use of liquor, drugs any other forms of addiction or smoking is strictly prohibited on college and hospital premises. Parents and guardians are expected to co-operate with the authorities of the college by prevailing upon and motivating their wards not to take part in any antisocial activities. No student should address any conference including press conference, nor write to the press on a political subject or matter concerning the administration of the college. No posters or banners can be displayed without the approval of the Principal. Any complaint will be investigated by senior members of the faculty (head of department) and the recommendations will be forwarded to the Principal. The authorities may expel a student at any time if they are not satisfied with his / her conduct or character. The College dues including tuition fee by the students shall be deposited within four weeks of provisional or regular promotion to next class. Thereafter, a fine of s. 100/- per day will be imposed. Continuous absence for a period of four weeks will result in striking off the name of defaulters from the College Rolls. Three months total absence during one academic year, will render the absentee students in-eligible to appear in the University Examination. Rs. 5000/- will be charged as re-admission fee from the student whose name has been earlier struck off from the College Rolls. All the students shall wear overall with College identity Card when they are in the Hospital or College Corridors and Laboratories etc. The entire College premises have been declared "No Smoking Zone". Any student found smoking in the College premises will be fined Rs. 500/-