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STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES Lahore Medical & Dental College Lahore

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STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES  Lahore Medical & Dental College Lahore

Lahore Medical and Dental College is pleased to provide admission to students with physical handicaps but who can meet the school€™s technical standards. The school€™s technical standards are as follows:

Ability to record historical information, detect, understand and interpret physical findings. Communicate physical findings, develop and record diagnosis as well as treatment plans.

Ability to manipulate or direct the manipulation of equipment and instruments traditionally used by physicians and physicians in training.
Ability to recognize, understand and interpret instructional materials required during undergraduate medical education.

Ability to detect findings on physical examinations, notably those related to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Ability to recognize, interpret and evaluate diagnostic studies.

Ability to review and interpret notes prepared by other members of the health care team.

Ability to perform calculations necessary to deliver appropriate care to the patients.

Ability to communicate effectively with patients, families and other health care personnel.

Ability to perform all the above skills within a time frame that is appropriated for a clinical setting.