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Book on Sadequain’s life published

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Book on Sadequain’s life published
« on: May 01, 2010, 09:43:30 AM »
Book on Sadequain’s life published
Islamabad:The US-based headquarter of the Sadequain Foundation has published a compilation of 170 calligraphic paintings by the celebrated artist in the form of a book titled ‘The Legend of Sadequain.’

The book offers a rich collection of calligraphic masterpieces rendered by Sadequain during the 1970s and 80s. It also provides glimpses of Sadequain’s life and unique perspective on his art.

The focal point of the book is Sadequain’s persona, his eventful life and awe-inspiring calligraphic work, in many cases, presented in his own words. Not to upstage the soon-to-be-published 800-page biography with over 500 paintings by the Sadequain Foundation, this book can be viewed as a preview of that all-encompassing biography.

In a short period of time during the 1970s, Sadequain turned the calligraphic world upside down and ushered in a calligraphic revolution in the country that created a wave of aspiring calligraphers, now engaged in new experiments that are redefining the centuries’ old art form. The book describes in detail, the journey that led Sadequain on the trail of reinventing the traditional art form, and in turn, transformed him into a larger-than-life legendary figure.

The book reflects the Sadequain Foundation’s mission to discover, preserve, and promote the art of the great artist; it is available in two different hard cover versions at the Sadequain Foundation, USA Headquarters.

The foundation is poised to publish a 12-volume catalogue of Sadequain’s work, comprising over 1,000 pages of text and over 1,800 images. It also holds regular exhibitions of Sadequain’s works, and conducts seminars at museums and universities to raise awareness about his prodigious palette.The news