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Police Action on teachers issue opposition walkout Sindh Assembly

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Police Action on teachers issue opposition walkout Sindh Assembly

Karachi: The opposition members in the Sindh Assembly staged a walkout from the House on Friday to protest against the police action on teachers on Thursday outside the Governor's House and the delay in acceptance of their demands by the provincial government.

Senior Education Minister Pir Mazharul Haq, however, claimed the police was compelled to take action against teachers after they tried to enter the Governor's House. He also accused the opposition parties for inciting the teachers to protest after misguiding them that the government had rejected their demands.

The teachers across the province, especially of government schools have been agitating for the past few days to pressurise the government for providing them teaching allowance and timescale.

Opposition members again walked out from the House after Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza, presiding over the proceedings in absence of the Speaker, refused to allow Opposition member Shaheryar Maher for presenting an adjournment motion to discuss the teachers' issue. They however returned to the house after provincial ministers belonging to the Pakistan People's Party and Muttahida Qaumi Movement convinced them to end their protest.

The deputy speaker informed Maher that the senior minister had already given his statement on the issue.

National People's Party Arif Mustafa Jatoi, however, did not participate in the second walkout.

Sindh Assembly Opposition leader Jam Madad Ali said his members were following the reconciliation policy of President Asif Ali Zardari and rejected the senior minister's allegation that opposition parties had provoked the teachers. He added the summary the minister was referring to, was sent to the Chief Minister's House on June 16, 2009 and had been pending since then.

Haq said the Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah had sent the summary to the finance and education departments on May 11 for seeking details about the expenses for awarding teaching allowance and timescale facilities to the teachers, adding that around Rs 1 billion were required in this regard.

He said the government had restrained the Karachi police from taking any action against the protesting teachers but the CCPO, Karachi later informed the action was taken after teachers tried to enter the Governor's House.

He also said that an inquiry should be conducted to ascertain who had incited the teachers and lashed out at the opposition, adding they had brutally tortured teachers and banned their associations during their government but were now supporting the teachers for political gains.

The minister said the present government after coming in power had lifted the ban on teachers associations and was trying to resolve their problems.

He said the government only expected the teachers to join their duties and provide education to the poor children of the province honestly.

Sindh Law Minister Ayaz Soomro said the government has no objection over the Opposition's adjournment motion and only wanted to discuss it after completing the agenda of the day. Pointing at the opposition members that some elements were trying to score political points through media, the minister added that politicising the issues would not serve the people. Daily times