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Pakistan Academy of Letters to form forum of 87 scholars, opinion-makers

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Pakistan Academy of Letters to form forum of 87 scholars, opinion-makers
Islamabad:The Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) will set up a forum of 87 scholars, authors and opinion-makers from different countries who are willing to pursue the vision of ‘Sufism and Peace’, announced PAL Chairman Fakhar Zaman during a press briefing.

He said that it was a matter of pride for Pakistan that it successfully hosted the International Conference of Writers and Intellectuals in Islamabad, which had no parallel in recent history of the world. “As many as 87 scholars, authors and opinion-makers from 37 countries around the globe witnessed personally Pakistan as a citadel of ‘sufism’ committed to universal peace,” he said.

Zaman said that the forum would be established on permanent basis as a “council” which would aim to help re-define the image of Pakistan as a land of the ‘sufis’ committed to peace and universal brotherhood, instead of being wrongly perceived as a terrorist country.

He said that under the ambit of ‘International Council of Sufism,’ PAL has started working on production of world-class documentaries in English language for global audience. “These documentaries will be sub-titled with all UN accepted languages including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic in addition to Urdu. All members of ‘International Council of Sufism and Peace’ around the globe have committed its telecast and marketing throughout the world, he said.

He said that the spacious auditorium dedicated to Faiz Ahmad Faiz has been delayed due to lack of funds. “The auditorium requires requisite funds from relevant quarters for its completion within next six months on priority. It is hoped that Faiz Ahmad Faiz Auditorium will be fully furnished to be citadel point to celebrate the first centennial birth anniversary (13 February, 2011) and host an international conference on Faiz Ahmad Faiz there,” he mentioned.

He said that PAL has recently launched a unique publishing project first time in the history of Pakistan to present selected literary works from all languages of Pakistan, which include Urdu, Punjabi, Seraiki, Sindhi, Pashto, Hindko, Balochi, Brahwi, Gujrati, Bulti, Shina, Khawar and Broshiski since inception of Pakistan i.e from 1947 to date. “The literary works both in prose and in verse in all above mentioned languages is being published, which has never done before. Special issues of ‘Adabiyat’ are constantly in print. Latest edition pertains to ‘Josh Maleehabadi’. Next issues have been earmarked for ‘Parwasi Adab’ and one issue on ‘Sheikh Ayaz’, ‘Ahmad Rahi’, ‘Mir Gul Khan’ and ‘Hamza Khan Shanwari’ respectively,” he mentionedThe news