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Fee and Dues B.A. / B.S.

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Fee and Dues B.A. / B.S.
« on: August 13, 2008, 03:21:28 PM »
Fee and Dues  B.A. / B.S.
Item    Amount (In Rs.)    Remarks
Admission Fee    1000.00    On Admission    Non Refundable
Registration Fee    500.00    On Admission    Non Refundable
Sports Fee    300.00    On Admission    Non Refundable
Library Security    500.00    On Admission    Refundable
Identity Card    100.00    On Admission    Non Refundable
Tution Fee    550.00    Per Month    Non Refundable
Zoology, Botany, Physics, Chemistry    55.00    Per Month Per Subject    Non Refundable
Psy. Stat., Geog, Phy. Edu    44.00    Per Month Per Subject    Non Refundable
F.Arts, H.Eco.    60.00    Per Month Per Subject    Non Refundable
Medical Fund    22.00    Per Month    Non Refundable
Student Welfare Fund    55.00    Per Month    
University Welfare Fund    28.00    Per Month    Non Refundable
General Fund    55.00    Per Month    Non Refundable
Development Fund    550.00    Per Anum    Non Refundable
Building Maintanance Fund    55.00    Per Month    Non Refundable
Transport Fee    15.00    Per Month    Non Refundable
Examination Fee B.A.    1200.00    Per Anum    Non Refundable
Examination Fee B.Sc.    1500.00    Per Anum    Non Refundable
Magazine    150.00    Per Anum    Non Refundable
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