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« on: August 21, 2008, 04:49:35 AM »
In the favour of all menkind and to bring them towards the right path GOD select nearabout 1 lakh 24 thousand MASSENGER and four books were also send.ZABOOR::: TORAIT::: INJEEL::: and QURAAN.Last book QURAAN was send to HAZRAT MOHAMMED {S.A.W.W} who was the last massenger of ALLAH. First three books are not available in the original methed or shape. Many changes are made in them but QURAAN is available in its original shape even there is no single change in the words of QURAAN after its existance. This is due to the protection that is don by GOD. As the ALLAH says in QURAAN.("""""we are the sender of this book and we are the protector (guard) of it"""").Before the time of HAZRAT MOHAMMED {S.A.W.W} the behaviour of the people was like the animals with oneanother. Even they don't know the meaning of world humanity. All the society was full of sin people made slaved to the poor people and without any sufficient reason the people were killed and they also killed there own babies (girls). HAZRAT MOHAMMED {S.A.W.W} give them the massege of GOD that("""Worship only one that is ALLAH and i am the massenger of ALLAH""").HAZRAT MOHAMMED {S.A.W.W} introduce them with the meaning of humanity forbaid them from the bad works, and give them the light of faith. And in that society give the respect to the women and the system of making slave to the people was finished.What was the thing which change that society ("""that was islam, its teaching and QURAAN that is also available now to"""). Islam says that dont kill anyone, lookater of all warms while walking on earth don't spread hate and don't tell a lie, respect the women and your elders and love with youngers and lookafter your neighbours don't disgrade to anyone all people are equal in respeqt of islam and everyone is responsible of his acthion. Islam dislike such a people who kill others and don't respect to others every true muslim can't do any work against the teaching of islam who does so they are not muslims even they don't come in the meaning of humanity in respect of islam. I request to all the people to study and research islam and life of HAZRAT MOHAMMED {S.A.W.W}.I am syed ali zaidi your wellwisher.