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Welcome to PAK & UAE LAWFUL ATTORNEYS ONLINE; we are a community of Barristers, Advocates, Standing Counsels, Solicitors & Property Registration Notaries concerned about your rights and have come together to share our insights, inspiration, guidance and help.

“You live and learn @ any rate, you live; we live in an age where we’re drowning in information and starving for wisdom.

Areas of legal practice in Pakistan and United Arab Emirates:
•   Arbitration Law
•   Aviation Law
•   Banking Law
•   Business Law
•   Contract Law
•   Conveyancing Law
•   Corporate Law
•   Criminal Litigation Law
•   Family Law
•   Insurance Law
•   Labour Law
•   Service/Employment Law
•   Banking Law
•   Commercial Companies Law
•   Inheritance Law
•   Property Law
•   Taxation Law
•   Shipping Law & Cargo Claims

However, whenever, wherever & for forever you are more than welcome for any assistance plz don't hesitate to contact because we teach people what we most need to learn.
So enough is said & done, thank you but no thanks we must avail regular chit-chats with additional options & re—engineer passion, intimacy, commitment & knowledge.

Best personal regards, truly indeed.

Natively yours,

Advocate High Courts & Legal Counsellor
Cells: +92(0)3332244634 / 3002176393.

Corporate Headquarters & Consulting Chambers:
United Arab Emirates: Building C—11 Khalifa City A Abu Dhabi UAE.
Pakistan: Suite # 302, Windsong Place, Block 7 & 8, Central Commercial Area,
K.C.H.Societies Union Limited, Shahrah—e—Faisal, P.O Box # 444, Karachi—74200.

Plz forward this eMail and attachments to your entire circle and relatives who are on your Address Book as well as all your Facebook friends, Yahoo / Google groups, LinkedIn Connections etceteras; we hope nay sure that most of them urgently need to know about the Science of Law on Electronic Media and now have grown to respect in the Web Technology for Anonymity.

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