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Author Topic: PU Syndicate allows medic's Migration Against Rules  (Read 693 times)

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PU Syndicate allows medic's Migration Against Rules
« on: June 27, 2013, 09:02:35 AM »
PU Syndicate allows medic's Migration Against Rules
Lahore :27 June: The Punjab University Syndicate has eventually approved the migration of former inspector general (IG) Haji Habibur Rehman's son from a private medical college in Lahore to a public medical college in Lahore in violation of rules and regulations and requirements on medical/ humanitarian grounds.

The syndicate had rejected, in its meetings on April 20 and May 4, the former IG's request for migration of his son Muhammad Khalilur Rehman from UHS' affiliated Rashid Latif Medical College (RLMC), Lahore, to Punjab University's affiliated public sector Sheikh Zayed Medical College (SZMC), Lahore, on humanitarian grounds.

Mr Rehman had stated that his son Muhammad Mehboobur Rahman, a student of MBBS third year in Sheikh Zayed Medical College, was a patient of epilepsy and during the last three years had undergone a number of fits. He requested that his son Muhammad Khalilur Rehman, a student of third year MBBS at RLMC, might be migrated to the SZMC so that he could look after his ailing brother.

After getting the request rejected twice, the PU administration again brought the migration case in its June 15 Syndicate meeting as a current work (instead of bringing it on agenda) and got the migration approved. The syndicate's decision was confirmed in its June 22 meeting.

When contacted, a spokesperson for the University of Health Sciences (UHS) said that Mr Rehman had also contacted the UHS in 2012 for his son's migration, but the request was turned down. He said the rules and regulations did not allow migration from a private sector to a public sector medical college under any circumstances. He said the Punjab government's rules also did not allow migration within a city.

The spokesman asserted that the UHS did not issue any No Objection Certificate (NOC) in the case and the candidate had appeared for its two professional year examinations with the UHS and would face problems if he joined the SZMC.

Stating that Khalilur Rehman was UHS' registered student, the spokesman said the university would object, when the PU would ask for candidate's previous results.

"The two universities have different syllabi and schedule of teaching and migration of any candidate is not permissible," he said.

Interestingly, the June 15 PU Syndicate meeting's proceedings that were confirmed in its June 22 meeting, say, "after some discussion it was resolved that Haji Habibur Rehman should submit medical certificate of his son Khalilur Rehman to the syndicate regarding nature of his ailment".

Though as per record and Mr Rehman's request, his son Mehboobur Rehman, a third-year student of SZMC, was suffering from epilepsy and not Khalilur Rehman, the June 15 meeting proceedings say, "the discharge summary certificate issued by the Shaikh Zayed Hospital to his son Khalilur Rehman was placed before the members".

The proceedings also say that the UHS' affiliated RLMC was situated as 35-Km Ferozepur Road, Lahore.

Consequently, the PU Syndicate approved Khalilur Rehman's migration from the RLMC to the SZMC.

Mr Rehman, while in service last year, had withdrawn some Rs1.5 million for the education of his two children studying in medical colleges from the police welfare fund – supposedly meant for the deserving officials and heirs of those who die in the line of duty. This issue was also taken by the Supreme Court.
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