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Author Topic: Minister Links Teacher Promotion to Performance  (Read 592 times)

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Minister Links Teacher Promotion to Performance
« on: July 15, 2013, 10:57:48 AM »
Minister Links Teacher Promotion to Performance
Lahore:July 15:PUNJAB Minister for Education Rana Mashhood Ahmed has announced linking the promotion of schoolteachers, lecturers and other educationists to their academic performance and professional grooming instead of their promotion merely on seniority basis.
Presiding over a briefing session about policy matters of educational system in the province on Sunday, the minister expressed his concern over the fact that 70 per cent educationists were granted promotion on seniority basis while 30 per cent quota was fixed for direct recruitment on higher posts which was unacceptable to the rest of 70 per cent teachers.
The minister said this policy needed rectification by adopting a formula based on academic performance and professional grooming.
He directed the secretaries of higher education and schools education to formulate a transfer policy in a fortnight which would essentially be academic performance centric in its characteristic.
He also directed the officers concerned to take steps to meet the shortage of educational managers by holding training courses for educationists in collaboration with the British Council, Lahore.
He said that World Bank would donate a grant in aid to Punjab up to the tune of Rs 70 billion during the next four years to improve the school education enrolment and provision of missing facilities in thousands of public sector schools in the province. He said, “It will be mandatory for us to arrange higher education as well as vocational training facilities for the additional influx of matriculates into our system.”


He said Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif had decided not to release any funds for construction of new colleges in the province. However, 82 under construction colleges will be surly completed, he added.


Punjab Higher Education Secretary Farhan Aziz Khawaja apprised the meeting of the benefits of the five-tiered formula of promotion which had been implemented during the last year and yielded the promotion of 305 college teachers. The period required for promotion of 17-grade lecturer to assistant professor had reduced from 22 years to 17 years only and every assistant professor gets promotion after merely five years to the post of associate professor. About 150 principals coming under HED, Punjab, have been posted under the same five tiered formula, he added.


The education minister directed the officers to link the study leave for the educationists to their academic performance in the classroom and ordered that those teachers, both from schools and colleges, who had been transferred on promotion, would have to join the new station of their posting within stipulated period of time. If they fail to do so, it will be considered that they have forgone their promotion, he said. He ordered transformation of the Establishment Wing of HED into Human Resource Wing and appreciated the timetable for public dealing in the department. According to the timetable, the HED provincial secretary will meet the people daily from 8am to 9am in his office under the open door policy. The education department employees will be granted personal hearing on every Tuesday from 8am to 10am.The news.
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