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Author Topic: Schools’ Supremacy and Teachers’ Helplessness Go Together  (Read 543 times)

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Schools’ Supremacy and Teachers’ Helplessness Go Together
« on: August 05, 2013, 08:54:55 AM »
Schools’ Supremacy and Teachers’ Helplessness Go Together
Lahore : 05 August : A large number of private schools and colleges located in various localities of the city are apparently exploiting rights of teachers by paying them very low remuneration, contrary to their vital service.
According to a report, there are more than 5,000 private schools located in nook and corners of different areas, housing societies and towns of Lahore. Except some major private schools, a large number of private schools are charging normal school fees from students irrespective of the fact their quality and standard of education is not comparable to major and renowned private schools.
These schools which cater the people of middle and lower middle classes, usually hire under-qualified. Average qualification of teachers of these private schools is B.A and F.A, while Matric passed teachers are also part of number of these private schools. Besides private schools, number of semi-government schools and colleges of city are also paying low salaries to teachers.
Government, in the current budget 2013-14, has raised the minimum salary to Rs 10,000 but an average salary of teachers of these schools for the Matric pass teachers ranges from Rs 2000 to Rs 4000, while for Intermediate teacher Rs 3500 to Rs 6000 and for graduate teachers Rs 5000 to 8000.
Even after the announcement of minimum salaries and knowing all the facts about exploitation of teacher’s rights, education department, district education officers and other relevant departments are tight-lipped on the issue and no one is taking action against private schools.
While talking to Daily Times, teachers raised serious concern over this injustice and demanded government, concerned authorities to take action and provide them their rights.
Fatima, a school teacher at a semi-government institution, said she was a BA degree holder but her school administration was paying only Rs 6000 per month which do not covers her monthly expenditure.
She was of the view that despite multiple requests to principal and board of directors, she is still receiving the same amount. Fatima said she had burden of two teachers and administration that puts extra burden on her in the low salary, but no one paid heed.
Kainat, a schoolteacher holding Matric degree, said her school was paying her only Rs 1800 per month but the work burden was much higher than the paid cost. She said Rs1800 was not enough but it helps to bear her own expenditures as she belongs to an underprivileged family. She was of the view that teachers were very important stakeholders of society and if schools continue this behaviour with teachers, they would lose respect from society
School owners, principals and administration had their own different issues as a school principal, on condition of anonymity, said in most of the schools principals were also on paid salaries and they could not even involved in decision making.Daily Times.
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