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Author Topic: Travel around world in 60 minutes Students Throng ‘Global Village  (Read 698 times)

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Travel around  world in 60 minutes Students Throng ‘Global Village
Lahore : 18 August : The Lahore chapter of AIESEC, in collaboration with the Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab, held a “Global Village” at the Shakir Ali Museum on Saturday.

The Global Village ran the tagline, “Travel around the world in 60 minutes”, where interns from different countries had set up stalls to showcase their culture – music, food, dresses and dances. China, Thailand, Germany, Italy, Palestine and Jordan were among some of the countries that were represented.
Abdullah Moaswes, an intern from Palestine said, “I love the people here. This has become my home now. I’m actually dreading going back.” Talking about his visit to Chitral, where he was caught in the floods, he said, “My family has always been on the move because of our refugee status. Hence, I have travelled a lot. The way people in Chitral came to my rescue and helped me I finally felt that here was a place where people were actually glad I am here. I see a long-term future here for myself because I have never felt this comfortable in any of the Arab countries.”

Adrian, who is visiting from Germany, said, “I was curious to actually come to Pakistan. Because I have read a lot of books, which was a very different experience than what the media would tell us about Pakistan.” He added that his family was apprehensive about his visit to Pakistan but it had been very good so far.

The event also hosted a photography exhibition where pictures taken by the foreign interns were put on display. The display exhibited shots from different parts of Pakistan visited by the interns.

Maliha Azmi Aga, one the chief guests at the event said, “Such a thing should be highlighted more. It is great what these young students are accomplishing through this foreign exchange. It’s a step towards projecting a positive image of Pakistan abroad through the common people. It’s a drop in the ocean but it counts. I think AIESEC should hold this Global Village on a larger scale.”

Talking about the international exchange programme run by AIESEC, Mariam Najeeb, a former vice-president on the Lahore chapter of AIESEC said, “Not only does the exchange programme provide students with skill-building opportunities but largely, it’s a chance for us to put a different face of Pakistan in the global picture.”

The event was inaugurated by Waris Baig and Maliha Azmi Aga and was attended by students from across Lahore.Daily Times.
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