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Author Topic: KUTS resolve to fight amendment in varsities law  (Read 581 times)

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KUTS resolve to fight amendment in varsities law
« on: August 29, 2013, 01:29:13 PM »
KUTS resolve to fight amendment in varsities law
Karachi : 29 August : The Karachi University Teachers’ Society (KUTS) resolved on Wednesday to fight tooth and nail against the Sindh universities law amendment, which it said was a direct attack on the university autonomy and academic freedom.
Speaking at a meeting of the executive council, President KUTS Dr Mutahir Ahmed said, “We resolve to reject all efforts which target the university autonomy and academic freedom. We will not accept the new amendment.”


It was decided that at the joint session of 13 universities of the province expected to be held on Thursday, a plan of action would be jot down to reject the new law.


According to the KUTS, after an amendment to the existing Sindh universities law, the powers of appointing vice chancellor, bursar, chief auditor and other key officials have been transferred to the chief minister. Moreover, the bill tries to curtail the role of the senate, syndicate and academic council of the varsity.


Previously, these university bodies enjoyed the powers to cancel appointments and resolve pressing issues which the university faced, through mutual consultation. They could also propose amendments in university policies.


“The amendment is aggressive in nature and directly meddles with the university matters,” alleged Ahmed.


For instance, section 66-A, a recent addition, states: “the government will decide admission policy of the university and constituent colleges and institutes of the Karachi University.


The teachers of Karachi University observed black day on Monday when they attended classes while wearing black armbands.


Teachers who are not directly part of the KUTS also speak against the new law. Prof Jaffar Ahmed, Chairperson of the Pakistan Study Centre, Karachi University, said: “Universities all over the world are strengthened by being autonomous. No one should directly meddle in the university affairs. The chief minister deciding appointments in the university is as wrong as the governor deciding it.”


Previously, the power of selecting a vice chancellor rested with the governor, but this was more of an honorary position, teachers claim.


After the 18th Amendment the Education Department was devolved to the provinces. With this in mind the amendment was passed in the assembly and the chief minister was made the head of all universities.


“But with these several undemocratic amendments, the new law allows the chief minister to appoint staff, which implies direct political interference,” said Ishrat Husain, Director Institute of Business Administration. “We have a reputation for admitting students strictly on merit. And through this practice we have managed to produce pioneers in the corporate sector. The new law will be a severe blow to our institution,” he said. The news.
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