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Inter-Class Drama Competition
« on: September 29, 2013, 12:37:59 PM »
Inter-Class Drama Competition
Rawalpindi : September 29:All branches of Roots School System Harley Region enthusiastically participated in the Inter Class Drama Competition on Saturday.
The plays, direction, delivery, dialogues and messages mesmerized the children as their plays depicted their understanding of the real life issues and their sensitivity towards others sufferings and problems .Some amazing ideas on promoting a culture of vales ,peace, harmony and tolerance were depicted through mime and dialogues .
The entire event was directed and hosted by the students of Roots under the guidance of their teachers .Best plays were awarded certificates to encourage their creative talent.
All teachers and branch heads remained actively engaged and Founder Director Riffat Mushtaq visited different branches and encouraged the budding talent being blossomed in Roots.
Open days at Roots provide a platform to all children to come up with their own innovative presentations on all themes/issues confronting our community and society as a whole.The news.
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