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Author Topic: Motivated Teachers can help Lay Foundation of Lasting Peace  (Read 478 times)

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Motivated Teachers can help Lay Foundation of Lasting Peace
« on: October 06, 2013, 12:57:45 PM »
Motivated Teachers can help Lay Foundation of Lasting Peace
Karachi :October 06: There is no stronger foundation for lasting peace and sustainable development than a quality education provided by well trained, valued, supported and motivated teachers.
These views were expressed at a seminar titled “A Call for Teachers” organised by the Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) in connection with the World Teachers Day at a local hotel on Saturday.
The event was attended by over 300 people, including major stakeholders like academicians, education practitioners, government representatives and media persons.
Speaking as chief guest Senior Education Minister (Sindh) Nisar Khuhro said that teaching happens to be a highly respected profession and the teachers at times bear more responsibility towards the grooming of children even than the parents. He said that the teachers should be recognised and appreciated even more than before as they so deserve.
Aziz Kabani, Director Sindh Education Foundation, said that teachers’ absenteeism was a major issue plaguing the education sector and this matter needs to be resolved urgently. He said that as per the ASER report the state of literacy and education was far low in the country.
Eminent Economist Dr Kaiser Bengali said that the problem with education was not with the demand but the supply, adding, “The children want to learn but we do not have the facilities to ensure they get a proper education”. He lauded the teachers who show seriousness and complete commitment to the cause.
Bengali said that in order to reduce teacher absenteeism, the government school principals should have the authority to hire and fire teachers and be held responsible for the institute’s performance, adding that the issue needs to be resolved in a systemic manner.
Dr. Bernadette Dean, Principal St. Joseph’s College, said that the recruitment of teachers bears immense significance since just looking at a teacher’s qualification on paper was not enough and it has to be ensured that the candidates also possess the knowledge and skills required to teach. “There should also be consistent professional development of teachers to ensure they are up to date with the latest teaching methods and approaches,” she added.
Wajih Akhtar, Media Development Practitioner, said that the media currently lacks the ability to highlight social issues in a proper and effective manner, adding that infrastructural changes need to be undertaken and teachers need to be provided incentives so as to improve their performance.


Prof Anita Ghulam Ali, Managing Director Sindh Education Foundation, said that it was essential for teachers to cultivate children’s creativity and thought processes. “Children should be talked with and understood and not dictated which crushes their originality, and this is what a real teacher needs to do,” she added.


Saba Mahmood, Chief Program Manager, Reform Support Unit, said: “We all need to make a commitment to take care of the children’s progress otherwise not much can be done”. She said that 20,000 teachers were being hired on a complete merit basis and will be given training by the Reform Support Unit.The news.
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