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DUHS wants help for amputees

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DUHS wants help for amputees
« on: September 16, 2008, 06:52:52 PM »
DUHS wants help for amputees

Karachi: In April, 24-year-old Safaraz lost both his legs and his left arm just one month after he was appointed the point man or kaantay wallah in Pakistan Railways. The Landhi town resident, whose family hails from Haripur Hazara, despaired.

But on Sunday, Sarfaraz thanked the doctors at the Dow University Artificial Limb Centre (DUALC) for fitting him with artificial limbs. "I was shocked when I first saw Sarfaraz," said Sindh Information Technology Minister Haroon Raza on the occasion, "but thanks to Almighty Allah and Prof. Masood Hameed and his dedicated team members, Sarfaraz is standing on his feet."

DUALC has provided artificial limbs to 700 disabled persons so far. The cost of an artificial arm is around 36,000 rupees while an artificial leg comes to 76,000 rupees.

DUHS vice chancellor Prof. Dr Masood Hameed explained that the cost of preparing limbs at DUALC is cheaper compared to other countries. "We are bringing mechanized limb technology to Pakistan after Eid-ul-Fitr," he added.

Sarfaraz is lucky. According to SITE Town Nazim Izharuddin, he and Raza, who are members of the Patients Adaptation Society, rushed Sarfaraz to hospital as soon as they heard of the news. They put together 65,000 rupees cash to help.

For his part, Sarfaraz, who thanked the two men, said that the Pakistan Railways authorities have assured they will pay back whatever his family spent on his treatment.

"Those who have earned billions and trillions from this city of Karachi should come forward and share the government's effort to rehabilitate those who have become disabled accidentally," the minister said. "There are lots of charities in city and the people of this city have supported them through thick and thin but the corporate sector is lagging far behind." The minister added that DUALC cannot afford on its own to offer artificial limbs free of cost.

Sindh Assembly Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza said that she would advocate a centre for Larkana very soon. Daily Times