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B-Tech results of several government colleges of technology

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B-Tech results of several government colleges of technology
Lahore:March 17:The B-Tech results of several government colleges of technology in Peshawar, particularly of UET, raise questions regarding the performance of the provincial government in the education sector. The 1st and 2nd year results of the 2015-2016 session – 33 percent and 38 percent respectively – highlight the negligence of the government in providing students with quality education. Before the general elections of 2013, the PTI manifesto focused on the importance of education. However the present scenario is completely different from what people had envisaged.

The government colleges of technology which were set up in the name of technology have no avenue for experimenting with technology whatsoever. There are no well-equipped laboratories and students are forced to rely on theories without experimental proofs. Furthermore, the faculty of these colleges is not only inexperienced but also lacks the motivation to teach well. This is partly because of the small amount of salary they receive. The course outline and the pattern of examinations are vastly different, creating confusion among the students. The government needs to restore the confidence of students by providing them with quality education. It also needs to issue directives for the establishment of well-maintained labs and recruitment of qualified, well-paid and experienced teaching staff.The news.
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