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Soon after the creation of Pakistan, it was realized that there was extreme paucity of technical institutes to cater the growing
need of technical staff for the emerging industrial sector in the country. There was, therefore, an urgent need to initiate appropriate action to ensure adequate and regular supply of technical manpower to help, promote rapid industrial growth in the country. With this objective in view, the Federal Government appointed a “Council of Technical Education for Pakistan” in June, 1948. The said Council Constituted a Committee of “Technical Experts” to carry out nationwide survey of the existing technical institutes, to study industrial development programmes and to assess the nature and extent of the present and future requirements of technical manpower for the sound and sustained growth of the industrial sector in the country. The committee reviewed the position in relation to availability of technical education and held extensive deliberations and consultations with the concerned authorities both at the Federal and Provincial Government’s level as well as with management of industrial establishments in the country. In order to meet the need of technical education the Committee recommended introduction of the scheme of polytechnics which was subsequently approved by the Council in September, 1950. In pursuance of the decision of the council, the Karachi Polytechnic Institute came into existence in September, 1954. The college started functioning with modest beginning imparting education in three disciplines namely Electrical, Mechanical and Radio Electronics. However, with the passage of time the scope and functions of the college were gradually expanded to include the other disciplines. The college is now offering courses in fourteen different disciplines namely Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Auto & Diesel, Power, Electronics, Chemical, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Textile Spinning, Textile Weaving, Instrumentation & Watch, Computer Information, Textile Dyeing & Printing and Architecture.

With the rapid growth of industrialization and consequent expansion in the demand for skilled manpower in the country, it became necessary to improve and upgrade the standard and quality of technical education. In order to meet this challenge the Government decided to introduce degree courses of pass and Honours, level in certain selected disciplines and the college was then renamed as “Government College of Technology”,. The college has been affiliated with the country’s leading Engineering University namely NED University of Engineering and Technology. The GCT, Karachi started the degree programmes since 1974 and has so far successfully organized and conducted several courses in different disciplines. The college has kept pace with the changes and developments in the concerned disciplines and has thus acquired the position of leadership in the field of higher technical education in the country.

The first principal of the institute was Capt. B.A. Khan who was succeeded in sequential order
by Mr. M. S. Rizvi, Mr. A. R. Khan, Mr. M. A. Sattar, Mr. Mir Muhammad Ali, Mr. M. H. Mama, Mr. Inam ul Haq, Mr. Mir Muhammad Ali, Mr. M. H. Mama, Mr. Inam ul Haq, Mr. R. A. Farooqi, Mr. S. R. S. Rizvi, Mr. S. Q. H. Naqvi, Lt. Col. A. R. Khairi, Mr. M. B. J. Qureshi, Mr. M. A. E. Shaikh, Mr. M. N. Siddiqui, Mr. R. A. Farooqi, Mr. M. A. E. Shaikh, Mr. M. Sadiq Rizvi, Mr. M. A. E. Shaikh, Mr. Naeem Ahmed, Mr. Rasheed Ahmed Khan, Mr. M. Iqbal Memon, Mr. M. Sadiq Rizvi, Mr. M. Iqbal Memon, Mr. Naeem Ahmed, Mr. Faridunfer, Mr.Raja Ghulam Hussain, Mr.Faridunfer is the present Principal.

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