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Asma Jahangir paid tribute

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Asma Jahangir paid tribute
« on: February 13, 2018, 03:35:04 PM »
Asma Jahangir paid tribute
LAHORE:February 13: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) is devastated and shocked at sudden death of its co-founder Asma Jahangir, an exemplary lawyer, human rights icon, pro-democracy champion, friend and mentor par excellence, and a brave comrade of the poor and the disadvantaged.

Asma Jahangir died Sunday afternoon of a cardiac arrest. According to a press release issued Monday, the human rights movement in Pakistan was founded and defined by Asma Jahangir. She co-founded HRCP in 1986 to establish a highly informed and objective voice at a national level in the struggle for the provision of human rights for all and democratic development in Pakistan. Yet, it added, HRCP had a voice and reach, both nationally and internationally, mainly because of her. Asma Jahangir had served as secretary general and chairperson of HRCP in the past. She was currently serving as HRCP's spokesperson and as the UN Special Rapporteur of Human Rights in Iran, among her numerous other significant appointments. Asma Jahangir’s unique and outstanding contribution to the human rights discourse is acknowledged by friend and foe alike, nationally and globally. HRCP has not known a braver and more tireless human rights defender than Asma Jahangir. She will be missed, always and immensely, by all whose lives she touched, the HRCP press release concluded.

Lawyers: The legal fraternity on Monday observed a day of mourning on the sad demise of leading human rights activist and senior lawyer Asma Jahangir. The sadness was visible in the atmosphere of bar and the courts as the judicial work was also at low pace. Majority of the lawyers abstained from routine work and did not plead their cases before courts. The lawyers spent their most of the day while sitting in the barrooms and shared grief of Asma Jahangir’s death with each other. Sharing his views, Lahore High Court Bar Association’s vice-president Rashid Mahmood Lodhi said the death of Asma Jahangir was not a loss for legal fraternity but for the whole country. He said she was a symbol of courage and bravery, the vacuum created with her death would not be filled; lawyers and the people of Pakistan would never forget her struggle and contribution towards the fight for basic rights.

LHCBA’s former secretary Rana Asadullah Khan said another chapter of resistance against oppression had closed down with the death of Asma Jahangir. He said she was bold, daring and vocal. “She always stood like a rock against military rule of Zia and Pervez Musharraf,” he said and added that she talked truthfully against religious bigotry. Mr Khan, who held office of the bar’s secretary during 2007 lawyers movement, said Asma Jahangir was not an office-bearer but always there to support and never expected any prominence though he often asked her to come on stage. He said she built a soft, tolerant and modern image of Pakistan internationally. The lawyers would continue mourning for next two days as Pakistan Bar Council had announced three-day mourning.The news.
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