Author Topic: Russian Federation pledges support to COMSATS  (Read 243 times)

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Russian Federation pledges support to COMSATS
« on: July 13, 2019, 11:10:00 AM »
Russian Federation pledges support to COMSATS
Islamabad:13 July: Russia wants an enhanced relationship with COMSATS member countries to promote a culture of interdependence in the fields of science and technology, says a press release.

This resolve was shown in a meeting on Friday, which took place in Russian Embassy in Islamabad between the Russian Ambassador Danila V Ganich and COMSATS Executive Director Dr. S.M Junaid Zaidi.

Zaidi met the ambassador in line with COMSATS efforts to win the support of developed countries to extend technical assistance to the countries of the South who are braving the shortage of resources to meet the Sustainable Developments Goals. It’s pertinent to recall that in October this year COMSATS is going to celebrate its Silver Jubilee in a manner befitting its prime objectives. The 27-member COMSATS is an organisation which is trying hard to narrow the gap between the developed and underdeveloped countries.

The Russian ambassador was of the view that the world is facing global threats like climate change, overpopulation, unequal developmental tools, and COMSATS can play a pivotal role in materialising the dreams of progress in the South

COMSATS’ ED Junaid Zaidi formally proposed inclusion of the Russian Federation in the COMSATS. He also shared the details of the plan to celebrate the Silver Jubilee besides apprising the ambassador of the achievements COMSATS so far has bagged. Ambassador Danila appreciated COMSATS’ spirit promised to support the cause of cooperation amongst the COMSATS member countries.The news.
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