Author Topic: 51 students, three teachers diagnosed with corona  (Read 209 times)

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51 students, three teachers diagnosed with corona
« on: September 22, 2020, 12:04:29 PM »
51 students, three teachers diagnosed with corona
LAHORE:22 September:Fifty-five children and staff members have been diagnosed with coronavirus positive out of 28,887 random tests conducted in government and private schools since the opening of educational institutes in the province.

According to details issued by Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department (P&SHD), 51 children, three teachers and a staff member are diagnosed with Covid-19 positive in schools in various districts in the province.

Out of 28,887 random tests, the health authorities conducted random tests of 6,209 suspected students/staff members in secondary schools, 20,190 tests were conducted in higher secondary institutions, 1,771 tests in universities and 154 tests were conducted in religious seminaries/Madaris in Punjab.

In secondary schools, as many as 41 cases were diagnosed as Covid-19 positive and 6,168 were diagnosed as coronavirus negative. In higher secondary schools, as many as 12 cases were diagnosed as Covid-19 positive and 20,178 were declared negative. In universities, one case was diagnosed coronavirus positive and 1,770 were confirmed negative. In seminaries/Madaris, all 154 randomly conducted tests were turned out to be negative.

Out of a total of 28,887 randomly conducted tests in educational institutions in Punjab, as many as 6,538 tests were conducted in 327 institutions in Lahore, 1,980 tests in 39 institutions in Gujrat, 775 tests in eight institutions in Faisalabad, 685 tests in 11 institutions in Nankana Sahib, 323 tests in five institutions in Bhakkar, 688 tests in 18 institutions in Lodhran, 787 tests in 21 institutions in Gujranwala, and 958 tests were conducted in 14 institutions in Bahawalpur.

The officials of P&SHD have sealed 12 classrooms including six classrooms in Gujrat, two in Lahore, and one classroom each in Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Bhakkar and Lodhran for violation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The P&SHD spokesman said that the department has already issued detailed SOPs for educational institutions in Punjab. “It is mandatory to fully implement SOPs in educational institutions for complete restoration of educational activities in the province,” he added.

A spokesman for P&SHD said that the health officials have done contact tracing of schoolchildren and staff members, who have been diagnosed with Covid-19, for the purpose of testing their family members for coronavirus.The news.
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