Author Topic: 0.4 million to be affected by closure of two-year degrees programmes  (Read 172 times)

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0.4 million to be affected by closure of two-year degrees  programmes

RAWALPINDI:25 September:A deadline stipulated by the apex higher education body of the country to terminate the two-year bachelor's programme in favour of a four-year degree as per international standards is set to affect some 0.4 million students who have completed their two-year degree.

As per the directions of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), the two-year bachelors of arts (BA), commerce (BCom) or science (BSc) have been phased out and replaced by the four-year degree programme Bachelors of Studies. This will be followed by the two-year master's programme: Masters of Studies (MS).

Those who have completed their two-year bachelor's programmes, though, will now have to study for another two years to secure their BS degrees before they can qualify for masters. Such students have been directed by higher educational institutions to enrol themselves in the fifth semester of the BS programme.

Those seeking to complete Masters Doctorate Philosophy (MPhil) or of Philosophy programmes (PhD) will also need to have a BS degree.The news.
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