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Tributes paid to calligraphist
« on: December 09, 2020, 12:48:55 PM »
Tributes paid to calligraphist
LAHORE:09 December:World renowned calligraphist of Pakistan Ustad Khurshid Gohar Qalam, who passed way on Monday, left a deep void among the experts of the dying art.

Ustad Qalam was undoubtedly the most prominent among the contemporary experts of calligraphy, not only in Pakistan but among the whole world, and would always be remembered with respect.

Paying tributes to him, Okasha Calligraphy Foundation Chairman Okasha Mujahid said the biggest achievement of legendary Ustad Qalam was rendering a masterpiece of the Holy Quran in 406 different styles, “Ajaaib ul Quran” which has been decorating Faisal Masjid inIslamabad.

Besides, he said, his masterpieces were also decorating museums in London, Istanbul, Moscow and Islamabad. The government of Japan bestowed on him the highest civil award. Maldives also decorated him with an honour.The news.
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