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Cambridge announces policy for June and November exams
« on: December 11, 2020, 08:01:03 PM »
Cambridge announces policy for June and November exams
Islamabad:11 December:Cambridge International to hold AS & A Levels and IGCSE and O Levels exams in May/June and October/November 2021.
 Schools have option to request exemptions such as for science practicals and language speaking test.
For students facing exceptional circumstances or illness, Cambridge International can give assessed grades under special consideration policy.
Cambridge International has announced it plans on holding its AS & A Levels and IGCSE and O Levels exams next year.

The step was taken in light of the challenges many schools in Pakistan and around the world continue to face due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a statement, Cambridge has published details of a range of measures it is putting in place to help schools and students make "a success of the June 2021 exam series".

Cambridge International, the statement said, aims at achieving its two key priorities — to keep students safe and enable them to obtain their qualifications so they can progress with their next steps in education — through the package.

The June exam series will be conducted as planned in May and June 2021; however, schools will have the opportunity to request exemptions from some exam papers — such as science practicals and language speaking tests, if teaching and assessment time is disrupted.

Cambridge International has also published adjustments to its assessment criteria for several syllabuses, which schools can apply for, where it will make it safer for students to complete their qualifications.

"For example, where a student might have previously had to visit a physical location or perform in front of a live audience as part of their final assessment, they will be able to do these tasks online or submit recordings," the statement said.
To ensure students in Pakistan can compete with their UK counterparts, the education provider has promised the standard for Cambridge International AS & A Levels and IGCSE, and O Levels in June 2021 would be aligned with the standard qualifications taken in the UK in June.

Uzma Yousuf, Country Director Pakistan at Cambridge International, said: "We consulted with Cambridge International schools in Pakistan, the government of Pakistan and indeed our schools around the world to inform our decisions about our May/June 2021 exam series and to develop a range of support measures. These measures will help students in Pakistan and around the world to achieve their qualifications next year and move ahead with their future plans.”

For students who may face exceptional circumstances or illness preventing them from sitting an exam paper, Cambridge International can give assessed grades, under its special consideration policy, provided they have completed most exam papers for a syllabus.

For more information about the support measures for Cambridge International schools taking part in the June 2021 exam series,The news.
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