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Dogfight in school by Mehran Leghari

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Dogfight in school by Mehran Leghari
« on: February 10, 2009, 09:49:50 AM »
Dogfight in school by Mehran Leghari

Travelling from Muridke to Narowal on February 8, I discovered to my horror how unimportant education is in our priority list. In a high school on the road, there was a huge crowd of people, including some cars bearing MPA and MNA plates on them. Curious, I stopped to find out what was afoot. I inquired from one of the many policemen there to protect the VIPs as to what was the occasion. He informed me it was a dogfight and dogs particularly bred for the show were to participate. Lawmakers had come to witness the spectacle. Why had they chosen the government school as rendezvous for the dogfight was something which kept irking me for the remaining journey. Perhaps education and dogfight have similar importance in mental makeup of our politicians. Maybe they wanted to learn the art of fighting from the dogs to replicate in the parliament, I thought to myself. —Lahore
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