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Handling of Scrutinized Applications at The Commission For SINDH PUBLIC SERVICE

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Handling of Scrutinized Applications at The Commission For SINDH PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION

Applications scrutinized will be processed further in accordance
with following procedure:

    a. Applications which are incomplete or not on proper form in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations, or do not meet the pre-requisites of eligibility, shall be “Rejected” by the Commission. The Commission, citing clearly the reasons for rejection, will individually inform such applicants. The rejection letters will contain only the non-rectifiable deficiencies,| that is, shortfall in requisite time for experience, underage, overage by more than 10 years, non-resident/non-domicile of Sindh, non-conformity of required qualifications etc. Such letters must be issued prior to the announcement of date of Written Examination/Test.

    b. Candidates whose applications have been categorized as “Deficient”’ will be informed by letter and called upon to rectify the shortcomings of correctable nature immediately. The Commission shall intimate an explicit cut off date for response by such applicants, which should fall prior to the date of announcement for conduct of Written Examination. No extension in such date is permissible. Delayed response shall not be acceptable.

    c. Candidates whose applications have been rejected or found deficient are to be informed separately by the Commission.

    d. Candidates whose applications are in order will be “Accepted” for further processing.