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Research of of Bahria University

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Research of of Bahria University
« on: March 16, 2009, 09:02:02 PM »
Research of of Bahria University

Bahria University - Integrated Scientific & Industrial Software

Computer has ushered a revolution in science and information technology. Tremendous

progress has been made in computer hardware in terms of speed and memory. However the

computer software has not kept pace with the hardware for its proper utilization. Some of

the developing countries are playing a dynamic role in computer software development.

Their achievements have become possible through the participation of giant industrial

establishments with a large team of programrs and project managers. In this process they

have established a basis for future technological revolution in their countries.

In Pakistan however an Infrastructure does not exist which could provide the basis for

scientific and engineering software activities. In the series of conferences held in Pakistan,

participants have pointed out the lack of government/private sector support in this area,

together with the shortage of appropriate human resources.

Experts spoke about the poor quality of software product, which cannot be advocated in the

international market.

There is a general consensus on the awareness that something should be done by

professionals in public or private sectors to assess the role of this activity as a potential

exchange, easier for the country and for opening up further avenues for the employment of

professionals. With the view, Bahria University has decided to take an initiative in this area

and move forward for the establishment of BU-ISIS.
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