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In our daily lives we have to hear a lot of questions like BBA vs BBIT, Bussines or IT what profession should I adopt?
which field has more scope?
which degree will get me paid more?

In the answer to all these queries related to business degrees first, we need to develop our understanding of the fundamentals of these courses.
BBA means (Bachelor Of Business Administration).If you took the overview of this course. You will observe that BBA students are only concerned about the depths of business and they were thought only those things which are needed in professional business environments. Mostly, BBA students are considered managers because they have the perfect knowledge of the basics of business and their degree also
surrogates management.
On the other hand, BBIT stands for (Bachelor of Business & Information Technology). This course is new to the market. Most universities start offering this course in the recent quinquennial. This degree is a combination of both business-related knowledge and also gives an understanding of the essential principles of information technology. We can say that the students in this field have double skills. They are taught about the business along with the practical knowledge of IT.


As everyone knows that in today,s world the field of IT is ruling the population. Those who are offering IT-enabled services are getting paid the most. In circumstances like these, we can't deny the importance of learning about information technology.
So, without being biased everyone can see that BBIT is more valuable than BBA because, in the modern world companies, firms and new startups are looking for those people who have multiple skills.

Which Degree Will Get Me Paid More?

In today's job market the dynamics of old school jobs have entirely changed. Every company wants to hire those people who have command of their skills. In today's markets jobs are also skilled based who has better skill set will get paid more especially in a country like Pakistan where 70% of the graduates are not getting jobs because of their obsolete skill set. So degree doesn't matter at all.


At this time almost every degree has involvement in IT-related courses in almost every university. One of the biggest universities in Pakistan (U.E.T) also teaches students about IT & Programming in their BBA programs. The involvement of IT is in almost every field so, we need to show some patience and let's end this debate of BBA VS BBIT.

Final Words:

"Degree Doesn't Matter, What Matter Is Your Desire" -Shamion Barie

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